International Roaming with Prepaid Broadband

Over the weekend I received a customer query that I thought would be worth sharing. It related to taking your mobile broadband USB stick over seas with you (this case had to do with going to Canada from Australia) and which Internet Service Providers actually allowed you to do this (ie it worked overseas) and what would it costs to do so in terms of roaming rates.

Following a quick check, I determined that of the four Australian networks in operation (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and 3 Mobile), only Telstra and Vodafone seemed to offer international roaming via their mobile broadband service.

Rates for Telstra aare as follows: International roaming data usage will be charged at the Pay As You Go Rate of 1.5c per KB ($15.36 per MB)

For Vodafone on the other hand offered the following information for their postpaid plans: Vodafone would switch you onto the most appropriate network depending on the country you were in at the time.

If you go over your download limit, you’ll still enjoy a 20% discount on our standard rate of 1c per kB for every additional MB you use (this works out to be 0.8c per kB with a minimum of 10KB per session). And if you end up roaming on a non-preferred network, a similar discount of 20% on the standard data rate applies.

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PrepaidPlans 5 years ago from Melbourne Author

Very useful info

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