How to Solve Internet Connectivity Problems

Many times, we face internet connectivity problems while working online. We lose the connection or the it becomes very slow. This is an irritating thing as there is a disturbance in our work. Many times we lose the data, or we lose online contacts.

If you do not know much about solving the problem on your own, you have to call representative of the service provider, or a network engineer. Or at least you have to make phone call to customer care department of the service provider, where you get its phone busy. All this is time consuming and you have to stop your important online work.

Here are some tips, which can help you to solve this problem on your own. Try them, and most of the times you will get your connection back.

Some Reasons Behind Losing the Connection

Remember that many times the problem is from Internet Service Provider, and not in your local network. In this case, you get your problem solved as soon as the Internet Service Provider gets solved his problems.

Other reasons for losing connection or slow speed include viruses, worms, malware, generation of temporary files in big number, faulty network equipments, faulty cables etc. So always scan your computer for viruses. Always delete the temporary files. Check if the cable are defected.

Try This to Reconnect

Now coming to the issue. Try these things to reconnect.

1. Reset the modem, i.e. power off it, wait for at least half a minute and then again on it. In most of cases you will get reconnected to the internet.

2. If it does not work, repair the network connection. Just right click on the network connection icon on the task bar and then click on 'repair'. This action will diagnose the problem and repair it. You will mostly get reconnected

3. If this too not works, disable the network by right clicking on network connection icon and then clicking on 'disable'. Then again enable it after few seconds. To enable it, go to My Network Places on the Desktop and then to View Network Connections. Right click on Local Area Connection and then click on Enable. I hope this time you will surely get connected to the internet.

4. Still not connected? OK, then It may be Internet Service Provider's problem. So shut down your computer, disconnect the modem and do some other important business. Then after few hours, start your computer. Find yourself connected.

If nothing of above things help you, then you should call an expert.

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alocsin 4 years ago from Orange County, CA

I'll try some of these strategies next time my Internet goes down. Voting this Up and Useful.

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