Internet Fraud and The African Juju (YAHOO YAHOO) Pt I

This is a very sensitive matter and it took me a whole lot of time to gather the intelligence and courage to push the 'Start a new hub' on hubpages to scribble this down. Internet fraud used to be a pest before but all of a sudden, it went all viral. Of course, you can always get a handy pesticide to get rid of pests in your farm or home but Virus? No way! You only end up getting something to slow the actions down (HIV is a typical example). Pinning my research on this fact, it has dawned on me that Internet fraud although it can not be completely wiped out, can be managed and reduced to the barest minimum.

The African juju is something I've given you insight on, in my previous hubs. I want to draw a relationship graph between the Internet Fraud activities in Africa and the use of African juju to enhance the viability of this virus. So if you don't know much about this African juju thing, then you need to rewind back to my last hub. Believing you have gone through my last hubs, I now feel free to roll the tape. So fasten your seat belts and relax, let me do the talking. I currently work for the International Association For The Exchange Of Students For Technical Experience (IAESTE-Nigeria) and I have had this wonderful opportunity of meeting and working with a bunch of European students from Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and all walks of life. They always come up with the question of the African juju and the popularity bestowed on Nigeria in the field of Internet fraud. By the time I finish enlightening them, they hang on the fence trying to believe or not to but the few months they will spend will go a long way to show my honesty(Please don't believe all the rash about Nigeria if you have not been there)

In Nigeria, Internet fraud is popularly known as yahoo yahoo. This name came from the fact that yahoo was one of the oldest mail email delivery service commonly used in Nigeria for communication. Back in the days, the yahoo boys patronized the Cyber Cafe owners to allow them carry out their 'work' as they call it. The government was ignorant of their activities because technologically, Nigeria was in the dark then. They buy special softwares from indian computer gurus through bank transfers. These softwares enable them to extract emails of important persons all over the world. Having done that, the next step is to start spamming them with emails containing mouth watering offers, contracts and all sorts of tempting offers involving large monetary turn outs. Just like a hungry lion waits patiently for its prey, they await the subsequent response from their 'victims'. Whatever the response would be, there had been a pre-arranged correspondence to be sent again. All these emails, they have drafted so they don't have to cook up anything in a haste and spoil the show. At the tail end, the victim makes his first deposit and gets some documents that look real but nowhere near that. The payment continues until the recipient goes bankrupt and the whole game comes to an end.

This continued for a very long time until the Nigerian government started getting some negative complaints from their counterparts in the other parts of the world. This triggered a whole lot of alertness and left the government with no other option than to declare an open war on Internet fraud at least to safeguard the image of a country once loved and envied by many and despised by few. Many were caught, many were prosecuted and jailed and a commission known as Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) was set up. This commission took the matter up and started sensitizing the general public on the hazards of Internet Related Crimes and the consequences too. This scared a whole lot of boys and got them out of the streets and into Educational Institutions for the pursuit of a better life. The very few ones that were remaining now decided to go 'spiritual'. This last statement is where I am bringing in the use of African Juju into play. This is going to be the hub you will never wish to miss because I am going to expose it all and interview some of these boys personally. Watch out for Internet Fraud and The African Juju Part II!!! Remain blessed.


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