Can There Be Uncontrolled Freedom Of Expression In The Internet?

Kapil Sibal’s Concern About Internet

Kapil Sibal’s Concern About Internet
Kapil Sibal’s Concern About Internet | Source

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Responsible Writers Criticise The Action And Plans Sensibly

Kapil Sibal’s Concern About Internet

The communication minister of India Kapil Sibal has stated that there cannot be uncontrolled freedom of expression in the Internet. He was referring to the unsubstantiated mudslinging of news and photographs being posted in Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and other websites. Kapil Sibal’s critics point out that his observations are against the 19th Schedule of Indian Constitution which permits freedom of speech. These critics want even the censorship of films to be scraped altogether. They also demand scrapping of death sentence and life imprisonment punishments for convicts. They want more facilities to be done to the jail like airconditioning etc. They also demand that homosexual act be made legal in India.

Responsible Writers Criticise The Action And Plans Sensibly

For these people, freedom of speech means they can express anything against anybody. Such views are totally wrong and the freedom of speech is misused by such people time and again. Sensible and responsible people will indulge in criticism of the policies and actions of companies and governments but will not indulge in slanderous mudslinging against individuals. Any freedom should have restrictions and there cannot be unfettered freedom for anybody for doing anything.

One Can Criticise Only Hindu Gods And Not Islamic God

The late M F Hussain was indulging in derogatory paintings of Hindu Goddesses in the name of art and freedom of expression. But when somebody else indulged in the same freedom to mock at Prophet Mohammad, it created a furore all over the world including India. In other words, these critics want the freedom of speech to criticise Hindu gods and goddesses but not the same freedom to mock at Islamic god and prophet. What kind of logic is this? I do not understand.

Western Nations Are Either Matured Or Dumb

In Western countries, criticism of Christianity, Bible and Jesus Christ is permitted. For this act, nobody issues any fatwa or assassination threat. This shows that the society is either matured or numb. In most of the Western countries, there is no concept of censoring the films. One can act even without clothes in films in the Western nations. But these concepts cannot be applied to India because of different culture and social values.

Different Rules For Hindus And Muslims

In India, there is one set of rules for the Hindus and another set of rules for the minorities. Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray was punished by the Election Commission for speaking in favour of the Hindus but the same Election Commission turns a blind eye if Mulayam Singh Yadav speaks in favour of the Delhi Imam or the Muslims. The DMK Chief Karunanidhi says that Hindu means a thief. Will he dare say anything like this against the Christians and Muslims?

Allegations In The Internet Against Sonia Gandhi

Even Kapil Sibal is concerned about unfettered freedom in the Internet because some writers have posted their views in blogs and other websites that Sonia Gandhi has pocketed the huge amount of $40 billion looted through the 2G scam. Some writers abuse other writers and their writings in their blogs. If one wants to start a newspaper, journal or a TV channel, government permission is necessary. But no such permission is needed for opening a blog or website in the Internet. There is no financial expenditure also involved.

No Permission Needed To Open Blogs And Websites

Therefore people make use of this facility and post their views. Some writers write good points and impart knowledge to the readers about the matter they write. But some writers abuse freedom of expression and indulge in scurrilous writing. If they do so in print media, they will be caught and jailed. But here they escape coolly because it is very difficult to ascertain the identity of these writers if they are writing in a foreign website. I believe there should be restrictions on any freedom of expression. But in the Internet, it is very difficult to enforce it. Since it is impractical to enforce any control in the Internet, there is no point in discussing about it. Impractical things should be left alone and one should not break his head over them.

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Vaidy 4 years ago

Nothing can be left uncensored. Your idea that internet cannot be controlled in incorrect. China controls the same effectively. When you open websites in China it takes time to open. There is some kind of mechanism which is used. And that should be definitely be possible in India as well. Just because it is difficult to control can we allow it without restraint. In fact Internet is so easy to access we need to enforce greater restraint in the same. A perfect control may not be possible. But there is no doubt that a control / censor would be most welcome.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

China is a dictatorial nation and India cannot follow the Chinese model. China is able to control leprosy disease by killing all the lepers. Can India follow the same type of 'control'? Therefore quoting the Chinese model is inappropriate in the Indian context.

If India enforces a censorship on the Internet, then it will effectively make sure that nobody can write about the 2G spectrum scam, Adarsh Society scam, CommonWealth Games scam and other scams. Nobody will be able to write against Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Congress party. Do we want such types of censor?

Your contention is that Internet is easy to access and therefore should have more control is wrong. A village man can more easily access newspapers than Internet. A person travelling in train can get down in the next station, buy a newspaper from the stall and read it while travelling in the train. But Internet access is more difficult to get. Just because newspapers have easy accessibility, will you support that a censorship is needed in the contents of the newspapers? If it is so, will the censor board permit any newspaper to write editorial about the 2G spectrum scam?

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