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Chinese Curbs on Internet

Chinese Curbs on Internet
Chinese Curbs on Internet | Source

Internet Freedom Should Be Preserved At All Costs

Chinese Curbs on Internet

China has tightened its Internet curbs. Now the Chinese government can delete any posts or pages which it considers as ‘illegal’. The grip of Chinese government over its people is loosening because of Internet usage. Internet enables Chinese people to know what is happening around them and how much repression they are subjected to by their government. This may raise tempers and one day a spark may trigger a big revolt against the government. China fears for this consequence whereas Indian government has no such fears. Not that the Indian government is in favour of giving full freedom to its people over Internet. But inspite of Indian government’s intentions, the press, media and the people are proactive and oppose any freedom over Internet usage.

Internet Reduces Mental and Physical Activities of People

British inventor Trevor Baylis insists that Internet is making young people brain-dead. This is true to a certain extent. Internet makes people very comfortable and stops the process of thinking further. In non-Internet days, people were compelled to think to solve their problems. Their brains were active. They were also physically active. Today they can pay their bills, book movie tickets and do countless activities at the click of the mouse. So their physical activity also comes down which leads to other complications. Therefore one should use Internet only at times of absolute necessity and not forever depend on it.

Cyber War against Iran

Stuxnet computer worm hit the uranium enrichment centrifuges in Iran in 2010. Iran solved this problem but a cyber war is still going on. The Western nations and Israel want to damage Iranian nuclear progress and Internet is used as a medium to wage a war against Iran. On its part, Iran has threatened to wipe out Israel out of the world map. Iran can achieve this aim if it succeeds in acquiring nuclear weapons. Pakistan and China are also helping Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. There are rumours that Germany is also interested in making Iran a nuclear power as that will kill millions of Jews in Israel.

Internet Freedom Should Be Preserved At All Costs

World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Dubai has ended in uncertainty. Internet freedom is in danger. Even democratic nations like USA are worried about (mis)use of Internet. Wikileaks made public many secret documents through Internet. Therefore it is not that a dictatorial country like China or North Korea alone is worried. All the nations in the world want to curb Internet freedom to the extent possible. Many governments cite the reason that videos and photos in Internet corrupt the minds of young people and so they want to curb it. But in reality, they want to curb the freedom of expression as many people reveal many truths about political leaders. There is a censor board for films. But this censor board is used only to curb political statements. Violence and scenes which corrupt the minds of youngsters are never curbed and are liberally allowed in all movies. The same holds good regarding newspapers and magazines. Therefore the true intention of the governments is to apply a tight lid on political freedom which should be opposed by right thinking people.


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