Internet Service Providers in karachi

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Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Providers in Karachi:

Now m gonna tell u about the ISP's in karachi

First thing is to mention some popular Internet service providers Name in karachi.

  1. Qubee
  2. Connect Communications
  3. Fariya
  4. Delta Net
  5. Dreamnet
  6. Brain Net
  7. Cyber Net
  8. Gerrys Net
  9. Link Dot Net

These Companies are providing Local Area Network for Home or Office. One of them is providing much better services but some ISP charging a lot money for connection but there service is to much lower class.There are lots of ISP giving some advantages to the users like web portal, where u can access and download Songs,Movies , Softwares Games and other applications that can be useful for you is a web portal of Delta net and you can access their sharing from anywhere and can download anything from there website, there web portal is online.

Now m going to explain the about all the ISP's that i mention here:


Qubee is a New ISP's in pakistan and also in Karachi , they are providing fast and reliable network but their packages really costly for most of people because they are providing the limit bandwidth , and just because of there limit bandwidth this service is only used in many different offices but not used as much in home.

2.Connect Communications:

Connect Communications is become very popular in karachi because they have provided the best ever internet service in karachi in really decent cost and there service will always remain constant in speed at every time because lots of ISP's speed goes down when lots of user using internet at the same time and there service will remain same at every time. There are lots of advantages using this service for example they have provided the fastest access Web sharing portal and when you download anything from there portal speed comes higher than 10mbps in , there sharing portal will have Updated and Latest Bollywood and Hollywood Movies in Best Quality , Softwares , Songs, Operating Systems and they also hosted there own Radio , so i tell u once again if you can use this ISP's you will have lots of advantages but there service is good in security for home users can only use internet on one pc at a time.

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Hasan  5 years ago

East or West PTCL DSL Is the best. 4 years ago

Galaxy Internet Services..

Fast Internet Speed...

512KB Speed RS Just 250

1024KB Speed In Just RS.500 (SHARED)

The SERVICE is Available in this area...

F.B.Area Block #15, #9, #14

shariq 4 years ago

mere net sahi ni chalrha hai buhat slow chalrha hai fariya :(

Ayaz 4 years ago


cell NUMBER 03462566652

anis 4 years ago

kis ks ko net chai

ali 4 years ago

salaam Galaxy Internet Services.. mujhe apka network chaiye hai mei fb area mei rehta hoon mujhe apna adress sent karen

haseeb63 profile image

haseeb63 3 years ago from Pakistan Author

wsalam .. address "F.B.Area Block #15, #9, #14" ..

well good to see some people getting benefits from this post... if any company would like to Market their company .. i would love to help :)

Zohaib 3 years ago

Hi Galaxy,

Main Royal Sweet ki gali main rahta hun, kindly sent ur fone number.

Mujay ap ka net lagwana hai.


Zohaib Noor

shahzain 3 years ago

mujhe link dot net ka connection lagwana he can any 1 help me

shahzain 3 years ago

mujhe link dot net ka connection lagwana he ye mera no he karachi defence 03002455044

tasbeeha 3 years ago

conect ya fariya ka conection chahye fb area men kya proces he bata den thnx :)

rameez 3 years ago

muje fariya net lgwana ha plz help me m in saadi town

Ahmed Hassan 3 years ago

Connect used to be excellent, but since October'2013 the service has really gone down, such that it completely goes dead even in off peak hours. I have even checked with my friends living in different localities to confirm this (PECHS block 2 and 3, Nazimabad and Gulshan) and the worst part is, the tech and customer support team is not ready to listen and support. They divert our attention towards proxy settings, firewall, antivirus and router. and I have tried all of these. I have even changed my router and got a new laptop to check, but there is no improvement. If this continues I will no other option to either switch or refer the matter to PTA.

haseeb63 profile image

haseeb63 3 years ago from Pakistan Author

Well i agree with you bro but people who are providing services to customer are not good as they should be but that's what we have to face and have to live with it , so my suggestion is you should move towards ptcl because their customer support is better and you will get the best response from them ..

haseeb63 profile image

haseeb63 3 years ago from Pakistan Author

for connect communication call +9221-111-000-638 & +9221-34390794 these numbers

they will guide you about the their service in you area is available or not.

haseeb63 profile image

haseeb63 3 years ago from Pakistan Author

Phone: 35655936

Contact Person: Irshad Memon

Mobile No.: 0300-8272390

contact on these number for connection procedure

Ahmed 3 years ago

Brother Connect Communication ziada behter hai ya Dream net ?


Or 1 Mb K kia Charges hain Connect k?

Faisal 3 years ago

hay Galaxy internet

10 days before its worked fine but now i cant play online games (Like Game Ranger) on your cable coz of UDP 16000 port closed or blocked.

Udp 16000 port is gud working on other cable.

I don't know when you will fix it but i m tired of this service.

F.B area Block 15 (near Alakhwan mosque)

faisal 3 years ago

ay Galaxy internet

10 days before its worked fine but now i cant play online games (Like Game Ranger) on your cable coz of UDP 16000 port closed or blocked.

Udp 16000 port is gud working on other cable.

I don't know when you will fix it but i m tired of this service.

F.B area Block 15 (near Alakhwan mosque)

Waqas 3 years ago

does any one haves 10 shared connection and what are the charges

Comsats Internet Service 3 years ago

Mbps Per mbps Total Total

CIR Shared

pkr pkr (1:5)

1 13,000 13,000 4,000

2 12,000 24,000 5,500

3 11,000 33,000 6,500

4 10,000 40,000 7,500

For wireless (R.F) users only.




Comsats Internet Service - Karachi

ali 2 years ago

mjhe delta network k spot ka num chaye

ehsan 2 years ago

mhje b delta network k spot ka num chaye.03449200004 plz contact me i m distributar fariya network

gulshad 2 years ago

03009200557 mjhe b delta network k bare may mahlomat chaye

hash 2 years ago

plz bataye delta network ki mahlomat 03317942243

ahsan 2 years ago

connect internet korangi me kahan kahan thik se chal raha he pls heip me i want to get it

dasnish 2 years ago

boss mujhe b delta net ka number chaiya he i am sub dealer of leo 03120008909

asad 2 years ago

dosto maine connect ka 1mb ka connection lagwaya hai iam so hapyyyyyyyyy meri speed 4mb tak jati hai i think connect k agay sub tail hai :P

Shuja 2 years ago

sub se acha srves connect walo ka dusto

rafiq 2 years ago

i need net connection in shahfaisal colony 5


saad 2 years ago

I have worldcall internet is best internet provider in Karachi....much better than connect. no limit on torrents, ip change sofware also works and no need for dialer....much much better than connect.

hammadkhan 2 years ago

Sir me malir city moinabad me rehta ho mujhe apne gaming zone ke liye ap k net ki connection chaye but wha tha admin faraz wo humhe net nhi provide kar rha.. me apke net ka hi user ho



Huwan 2 years ago

Optcl is the best all others are pathetic. city com net is worst.

abdul majid 2 years ago

mujhy connect kachahye help me net

Skylink Communication 2 years ago

SkYLInk Internet Packages

1 mb 500rs

1.5 mb only 650rs

2 mb 700

3 mb only 900rs

4 mb only 1200rs

Block 14&15 Fb area karachi

office address

Water pump, Block 14, F.B.Area, Near Al Mustafa Jama Masjid, Karachi, Pakistan

Sunny 2 years ago

deltanet ki adult website ka address kia hai?

RAJA IMRAN 2 years ago

my shareing ip & password noid


Ali 2 years ago

WORLDCALL IS BEST....I M using connect because worldcall rates are high........but if you need best internet and price is not an issue.....then worldcall is best.

Faraz Rehman 2 years ago

Connect communication is the best internet service

i have been used to 8 years ago is all things are good and aosam provided service.

UmairKhan 24 months ago

LinkDotNet Is The Best.

Fariya is Too Slow.

waseem 24 months ago

Hi. . Plz confirm which isp provide services in orangi town 5 number. ...

UmairKhan 24 months ago

In Every Region Of Karachi And Pakistan LinkDotNet Is The Best.

abid 23 months ago

plz send me Galaxy internet Packages my id

Bushra Nasir 22 months ago

Salam, mujhe 'Fariya Net' lagwana hai, process and packages bata dain.


Ameer 21 months ago

one of the worst customer services in pakistan , when i called to order from them their DHA agent received my call put his phone on the side and never called me back ...

Their head office was so poor they didn't even listen to my complaint ... They keep giving me the same morons number who never picks up

very poor company, very disrespectful people and the worst treatment i have received from any broadband provider ... FUCKING USELESS PROVIDER

Areeba 21 months ago

I need a contact number for Galaxy Internet or any other cable net services provided in FB area block 10 email me at

please it's urgent!

Abdul Samad 19 months ago

yaar mojay connect ka net lagawana hai kia process hai batao yaar please or number bhi do any one help me please

Muhammad Irfan 19 months ago

Mujhe fariya ka net lagwana hy fb area block 7

Abdullah Mithani 19 months ago

Tell me the best services with sharing Dodear or Dmasti in Malir Karachi.

Humail 19 months ago

mujhe delta net ya dream net koi bhi ki fiber hoo tu malir may mujhe reply karen fariya net ki hy shahid 03463559558

Yasir 17 months ago

Muje delta net ki line chayey....03471204989???

umar raza 16 months ago

connect internet north Karachi main hain keya ???

or faryria ki kesi service hain?

please jo best internet hon mjhu btai.

Syed Deliver Abbas 13 months ago

We need your net service My Address Is :- R-885 Block 20,F.B Area

My Mobile No. Is 0300-9284163 Kindly contract me for Net Service



Syed Delawar Abbas


Sufyan 12 months ago

Fariya is the best net ever only 600 per month upto 2mbps free touter from new karachi surjani maymar kbr 03132510169 fariya support team quick respons customer care servies

M4ST3R 12 months ago

Help Guyz i am a Connect user and i always purchased Connect Red cards.Trust me the speed was brilliant every day every Time Even a single issue appeared they posted in their website its been 3 years i am using it the speed of downloading was always above 500+ kbps and at morning it was almost 1 mb till 11 o clock or maybe more But recently after the expiring of my card in 6th feb when i wanted to purchase a new card my net person said Now u need to bring your Reutor and give me money i will recharge your card there's no need to login to anymore your dailer will be different and from now on you need to pay me your user name and password will remain same as well u can't change it just use it and bring it when u want to recharge your card so he installed a Dailer from after this dailer i hardly Play games Video buffering Take too much at morning which was my downloading time i only get 100 to 150 speed max and at Night it drops to 20 to 40 kbps..I love this net i dont wanna change it but now its making me cry..after PTCL this is my lovely precious net i always felt glad its available in karachi instead of punjab isb.... That guy keep saying u can browse its fine its your pc issue i know its not even after reinstalling windows its same..

Muhammad.Shamim Ansari 12 months ago

Assalam-o-oalikum Sir mujhe dream net mujhe pure Area chalana hain to batae kia sating hogi

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