Intex V.SHOW or Vshow: India’s First Projector Mobile Phone

Intex V show
Intex V show | Source

Intex Technologies, one of the fastest growing mobile phones and hardware company in India has launched a new mobile handset with an inbuilt projector called Intex This is the first projector phone to be launched in India by a domestic handset company.

it brings the entertaining content to be held in the palm such as movies,music and internet content and it can be watched upto 61 inches of screen with a good quality of projection with a range of upto 12 feets.

Intex's center for development has ensured the product to be suitable for the operational conditions in India and to have a longer battery life to allow watching a movie on projector for 3 hours with a quality of 25 frames per second. The phones is a touch screen with dual SIM capability. The new feature included is dual screen mode. The phone screen and the projector screen can be active at the same time. It comes with dual card memory slot of 8GB to expand the internal memory of 64MB.Other features such as FM radio and GPRS connectivity are enabled.

However, with an in built projector a user may wish to connect this mobile to laptop the projector which is not currently available in the mobile.

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