Intralata Phone Calls - Learn About The Details

IntraLATA Telephone Calling

IntraLATA or Intra-Local Access and Transport Area came into being more than two decades ago, bidding goodbye to AT&T and giving customers a whole range of options to choose from in their telephone services. After the confusion and euphoria died own, unsatisfied and unhappy customers complained about steep telephone bills. People could not understand why they were charged such high rates even when making local calls.

Local calls were never expensive and so customers making ostensibly local calls were shocked to receive enormous telephone bills. This article helps to clear the confusion about billing and help you decide on the apt telephone service for your specific needs.

Regional Bell Operating Companies or RBOC s are responsible for each Local Access and Transport Area or LATA, each of which creates its own geographical boundaries depending on the market not on any defined state, or province or area code.

Now that the LATA boundaries are understood you may have some clarity about your high telephone bills and know that all calls made by you were not local. Your called numbers may not be under your service provider's area even though within your state and so those were charged as local toll calls or long distance calls.

Calls made to different service provider areas but within the same country's state are assisted by the Local Exchange Carrier or LEC and not by the InterXchange Carrier or IXC. These assisted calls are rated very high and has an effect on your telephone bills.

The difference in rates between IXC and LEC assisted calls is due to the market force factor. The IXC is in a highly competitive field forcing prices to be slashed, however, the LEC assisted calls are higher rated due to a lack of competition in this area. If you call Yakima from Dallas and then call Fort Worth, you will see the rate difference due to service provider boundaries.

With a new surge of customers and their requirements, carriers are coming into the market with new plans with same rate charges. Consider carefully before you take up the new offers as these might suit people who make regular IntraLATA calls; the line charges are also pretty high.


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