Introduction To Blogging

This post is not for you, if you are not new in the blogosphere. This post is for YOU as a beginner in the blogging. If you want to learn crucial things that you need before start to blog, keep reading. Otherwise, you are free to go!

Buy Your Domain Name!

First thing first. Above all the things about blogging, one of the crucial thing you need before start to blogging is a domain.You can buy your domain from or These are most trustable registerers one out there. When you are buying your first domain i suggest you to go with .com tlds. These are as you know first and well-known tlds all over the internet world.

By the way, did i said, you are not supposed to read this post, if you are not new to blogging:)

Get You Hosting Plan!

We got the domain, after that we need a hosting to publish our blog. Again there are many hosting providers out there such as HostGator is one of the most well-knowns. Also i am using hostgator too, it is very affordable for me. Also i wanna inform you about the plan you get while purchasing a hosting plan.It is also important thing. It basically depends on how many blog will you want to own. As an example i am using Hostgator's Baby Plan which allows you to host unlimited domains, unlimited databases and unlimited bandwith. These things are really important because they define your mpney to give for hosting provider. Before forgetting, i am paying $10/month for HostGator's Baby Plan, i strongly suggest you that if you plan to have more than one blog in the time.

Setting Up A Blog

Ok, we get the domain, we purchase the hosting plan. After that we need a blogging software, personally, since i am using Wordpress which also most common blogging tool out there, i am going to talk about it.

Wordpress has nice features that make blogger's job easier. You can get the Wordpress from: Also you can easily set up it by these instructions:

That is it! You are done now, all you have to do is start posting. These are the basics of blogging. If you have questions please feel free to leave me a comment, i will try to help you as soon as i can!

Also check the below books, they have really helpful tips for you.


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