How to make Invisible folders in Windows XP

Usually what we do to hide a folder is that change the properties to hidden and in folder options tick the option do not show hidden folders and files. There is a simple trick to make your folder invisible.

First step is to create a nameless folder. For this click rename option and then pressing Alt type 255, Now the folder becomes name less.The 1st step is over.

Now right click the folder and take properties>customise>change icon. And select a blank space as shown in the figure above. Now your invisible folder is created.And will look like as the window shown below

It can be made in the previous state just by reversing the operations.

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Sajid 5 years ago

It's amazing!

Rehma Jamshed profile image

Rehma Jamshed 6 years ago

Hey thanks for sharing. I didn't know this!

multifunctions profile image

multifunctions 6 years ago from India

thanks i did not know this.

jeevanandan 6 years ago

very good idea

Robin 7 years ago

nice and working

rajesh 7 years ago

really working....

SUV profile image

SUV 7 years ago

cool dude..

sanjay 7 years ago

its good and working

madmae 7 years ago

nice trick

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