Iphone 4g Release Date

Apple iphone 4G

Apple iphone 4g
Apple iphone 4g

iphone vs windows mobile 7

The iphone reception and is there a fix?

The iphone reception problems that have been affecting users since the new iphone 4 release is caused by the way some people hold the cell phone.Yep plain and simple if you cover the bottom left corner of the iphone and let your skin cover the groove located there you could have some reception issues with your iphone. Ain't technology Grand.

Solution: If you don't want any more iphone dropped calls adjust your grip and make sure that portion of the cellphone is left unencumbered.There is also a case that you can buy that protects that part of the iphone from being interfered with.

So make the choice for your iphone reception fix,either fork out more money for the cover(which should have been provided with the iphone 4 in the first place or adopt a new iphone holding grip...

iPhone 4g Release Date for 2010 and info about the iPhone 4.0

Apple instills excitement in us all with their innovative releases. Whenever a new product is unleashed upon the world the it's loyal base of fanatic followers salivate and clamor to be the first to snap it up. Although the iPad is the current new device to feed the frenzy(300,000 sales in it's first day WOW), the iPhone 4g using iPhone OS 4.0 is creating as much buzz for many apple maniacs.Exciting news for those not satisfied with the AT&T service is the up and coming verizon wireless iphone which will be coming in 2011. If you are thinking about mobility then take a look at my hub on the iphone bluetooth headset.

Apple iphone Competitors nudge ahead

While the iphone is exclusively available with AT&T at the moment the 3G network is in need of updating for sure especially if 4G is going to be forthcoming.While Verizon &  are currently ahead with their networks Apple is not being left in the dust and will certainly be offering 4g capable iphones by 2011.

The iphone 4g gets those juices flowing for many dedicated apple fans who are anticipating that the new faster operating system will be able to handle running different apps concurrently.This is an ability that Googles Android has and Apple users refuse to be outdone and expect the same capabilities.

iphone 4G in summer of 2010?

Could the iPhone 4G release date be as early as the summer of 2010?  Well it has been rumoured and it would certainly be a neat timely follow up to the new ipod. While Apple has a loyal band of followers they still need to move fast and keep up with, if not surpass Google's Nexus One and the other smartphones if their seemingly never ending technical appetite is to be satisfied.

Apple is the peoples favorite and it's fan base will more than likely remain as fervently apple addicted as ever...as long as their tech cravings are being fulfilled.

I need it man I need it.... Oh yeah that is apllicious man.

Predicting the iphone 4G release date isn't THAT hard

If you have followed Apple's releases over the last few years then you could note a rather predictable trend. New iPhones and iPhone operating systems have been released in the summertime for the last 3 years. It is HIGHLY likely that this trend will continue for this summer so start salivating all you applunatics.

The iphone 4g Release Date for 2010 is definitely, likely, to probably be, in June some time, Maybe...

When will we get our apple iphone 4g

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Isrrael 6 years ago

AT&T please keep the iPhone please I beg you your prices are way worth the spent of my money ! AT&T your are way better than these lame losers! Verizon your speeds well never compare to atts ! Even with your long term revolution ! And verizon don't borther think about it if you get the iPhone your phones well be given to AT&T ! Google well move to AT&T and not for you anymore! So either way I'm good but I'll never switch over to that slow network

Cookie 6 years ago

Gotta love iPwns =)

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