iPhone Apps That Pay You

Iphone apps that pay

iPhone apps that pay
iPhone apps that pay

The iPhone, for many of us, has become as indispensable as the microwave. It's our handy dandy phone, tip calculator, restaurant finder, newspaper, sports center, flashlight, and social media mobile mecca. But did you know you could make some money and can get free stuff just by doing things you are already doing with your iPhone? Mind blowing stuff right?

It's a lot easier than you think. From checking in to places and shopping there are plenty of opportunities to make some extra cash right from your phone using your handy dandy ios apps.

Well I'm here to tell you that you can and I already have. Read on my friend and find out which iPhone apps can pay you back. Or at least get you some free stuff. And who doesn't like free money or free stuff?

Shopkick video


This app takes walking into stores and checking in, to a whole new level. Shopkick actually allows you to just walk into certain stores, click on the app, and it check you in automatically! Cool right?

You can also earn kickbucks by checking into stores that don't have the automatic check-in. For these stores you'll just have to go one extra step and choose it from a list of the closest stores to you. Still easy but just not as cool. And in some stores you can scan barcodes of certain items to get more kickbucks.

You can then turn kickbucks into free gift certificates to places such as Best Buy, Restaurants.com, American Eagle Outfitters, Sports Authority, and iTunes.



"The App That Pays You Back"

Oddly enough that exactly what it does. It works much like Shopkick in that you go into stores, check in through the app, and you get points that can turned into gift cards and other prizes. You can also scan additional products in certain stores to get more points.

Simple and easy.

CheckPoints - Please use bonus code "kidgrifter" for extra points when you sign up!


The Grocery App
The Grocery App


Another great shopping app that pays you to shop for groceries. Simply become a "Brand Ambassador" by tapping a button, buy something they are offering a rebate for, upload the receipt, and after accruing $20 cash out via PayPal.

The app uses both points and cash.

They offer some great brands especially for the health conscious or those that love organic brands!

Shrink - Use the code "JOMMCU" for some extra points to start off with!

Hotel Tonight Commercial


Hotel Tonight Is a great app that I have used more than once. If you need to book a hotel in a hurry and don't want to pay full price this app is for you. It will list available same day hotels at a discounted price. Save some money and get a great place to stay!

I have personally used it a few times and have loved the places I have stayed. You get to choose which makes this app priceless.

Use my promo code VCASTELO and get $25 off your first booking.

Hotel Tonight


iPoll pays you to take surveys on your iPhone. Some are long, some are short. Different surveys pay different amounts and you can cash out once you reach $10. They also have fun missions you can complete in the real world that also pay a pretty good amount. Check it out!


Field Agent App

Get paid to complete tasks. Basicly you get to work from wherever you are.

Load up the Field Agent app and it will locate where you are and give you a list of available jobs near you. Most jobs involve walking into stores and completing a task. Finish the job and get paid.

The cheapest job I have seen was for $4.00. Not bad.



The free OpenTable app allows you to make reservations at restaurants. When you honor your reservations, you'll receive points that you can turn into "OpenTable Restaurant Cheque's". Its simple to use, is a great useful tool, and you get rewarded for doing somthing you already do: eat.



This app pays you to use the camera on your phone to complete "gigs". Depending on where you live you may be taking pictures stop signs, verifying something is there, or retail jobs. All are pretty easy and the gigs pay well. It's definitely worth downloading and using.

BTW - pays through paypal



Do you watch TV or listen to music? Of course you do. So why not get some free stuff while you are doing it? Simply by pressing down your your screen, easy right?

Viggle "listens" to what you are watching and gives you points for checking in! It's simple and really easy to use.Plus get bonus points for watching ads or other fun things.

Then you can turn those points into free stuff or gift cards.

Check out Viggle here


Reserve allows you to not only book a reservation at some of the coolest and hippest restaurants, but they will also pay your bill when your done eating.

Now that's the ultimate in being lazy.

Use the code "EKHYQO" when you sign up and get $20 towards your first dining experience.


Apps That Pay

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Comments 19 comments

Nikki D. Felder profile image

Nikki D. Felder 6 years ago from Castle Hayne, N.C.

I don;t own an Iphone. I probably wouldn't participate in any of the, but I thoroughly enjoyed your report!

Samaria Farrar 6 years ago

I enjoyed your article! I have since downloaded all of these and am having fun! Thank you very much!

kidgrifter profile image

kidgrifter 6 years ago from So Cal Author

Your welcome! I can't wait to see what new apps come out. Which of course I'll share right here.

Rubyblood 5 years ago

I use we reward and almost made $30 in 2 months and $6 in 2 months on check points

ruby 5 years ago

i cant get into the loot thing it asks me for some code

kidgrifter profile image

kidgrifter 5 years ago from So Cal Author

Hi Ruby. Try searching for the app "Pepsi Loot" in the app store. You can sign up once you download the app

Matt 5 years ago

This helped lots. Thank u

kidgrifter profile image

kidgrifter 5 years ago from So Cal Author


99jon 5 years ago

Have you tried iJob? is a simple market research app which pays anything from 50 cents to a few dollars (or equivalent in local currency) for answering a few questions, or doing a particular task. Straight to your paypal account.

Josh 5 years ago

I could only find one on the app store - field agent - does anyone know why this is?

Brian 5 years ago

There is also Surveys on the go and surveys wipe . I just signed for them so I cannot say if it's good or not. Surveys on go pays through PayPal and the other one will give you amazon gift card

Toan 4 years ago

Try EasyShift & get paid the same day!

carey 4 years ago

Thank you! I do shopkicks. I also do a new app called Viggle

Kyle 4 years ago

That's so helpful I'm unemployed and this is just one way to make some money thanks

Devin 4 years ago

What about viggle you get paid to watch tv

John Walker 4 years ago

Have you heard of EasyShift?

Steph 4 years ago

Viggle- earn gift cards and donate

Juno wallet- earn gift cards, small selection and takes forever to gain credits.

I personally love viggle, I have about 36k points and you can earn points 24/7 by checking into tv shows, get more point if it's a popular show. for 375k points you can buy a kindle fire, but waiting to see if they add bath and body works cards, then I'll use that with the sephora ones, they have about 20 different gift cards that change up

Nick 4 years ago

Thanks.. Great info. Downloaded most of the apps

amanda1505 profile image

amanda1505 3 years ago from Australia

Some of these apps have really interested me. To earn few bucks and make it fit into the pocket this sounds a good job, instead of wasting time we can make use of such app to have fun and to earn both.

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