Is Solar Energy The Only Answer To Our Fuel Problems

Even our children that are born now will not know the kind of earth we have had as adults in our lifetime. We are making huge fuel demands on our planet and we are not cutting back. Fossil fuels and their emissions are causing global climate changes and are destroying the entire environment in huge sections. With such a doom and gloom statement, some people would be surprised to know that the sun shines down more energy in a few days than all the fuel spent by humans on earth in history. That’s a lot of fuel. Only three weeks of good sunshine will offset all the fossil fuels that have ever been burned.

We have enough sun to live on the planet but how do we tap into the immeasurable amount of energy that is bounced off our planet and sent wheeling back into space? With the conquest of space and the development of micro-electronics, we as humans have a small hold on the vast amount of energy that is available to us. Solar energy and solar cells are now the best and cleanest way to for us to sustain the amount of energy we need to keep up the modern lifestyle in which we live today.

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SweetiePerson profile image

SweetiePerson 6 years ago from redditch

i wouldn't say it is the only answer because someone somewhere will invent something clever but it is a possibility

wsupaul88 profile image

wsupaul88 5 years ago from Seattle, WA

the technology just isn't there to support it yet, but good points!

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