Is The Samsung Moment the Perfect Upgrade for The G1?

After a short love affair with my Mytouch 3g, I finally matured and decided I wanted a smart phone with a physical keyboard. My initial crush with the touch screen keyboards soon died down. Making mistakes typing on the thing is inevitable and I just wanted to move in another direction. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Mytouch 3g and I think the Nexus One is wicked cool. However, I wanted to get work done as well. I wanted to be able to sit down and type a novel on my phone if I so choose. That being said, there is no way I can tap on the on screen keyboard, or even Swype on it for hours on end. So my search for the perfect smart phone begins.

Before I jump into the market, there were a few things I needed to sort out. For one, the smart phone must be an android phone. Two, it must have a physical keyboard. And three, it must be fairly new.

The G1 You Need to Replace

The base I wanted to start with is the very popular G1. I've tried the G1 and it's a solid phone. It has everything I need. It's an android phone with an excellent physical keyboard. This keyboard is fantastic. The keys are nice and rounded. It just feels great.

Some people complain that the G1 is too bulky and I agree to some degree. It is a bit bulky. The battery life is also not too great. And it's a bit outdated. The G1 sports the "standard" 528 mhz Qualcomm processor used by many smart phones including my Mytouch 3g. 192 MB of RAM, android 1.5 and other "standard" smart phone goodies like 3g, wifi, bluetooth, and GPS.

This is a great phone despite the shortcomings. It's a bit bulky and a bit outdated but the keyboard is excellent. Being the first phone to ever feature android makes this phone very special.

Motorola Cliq on Tmobile

My natural choice was to upgrade my phone to the Motorola Cliq. This phone is very different than the G1 despite having many similarities. It too sports the same standard 528 mhz processor but more ram. 256 MB compared to the 192 MB on the G1.

On paper, it looks like the Motorola Cliq would be a nice upgrade for the G1 however Motorola turn android into a big social networking mess.

Motorola adds what they call, "Motoblur" which integrates many different social networks into android. What HTC did with SenseUI, Motorola is doing with Motoblur.

For many people, this could be a good thing. Who wouldn't want complete integration with all of their social networks?

Keeping in touch comes with a price. In order to be able to constantly pull data from Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc and so on, it takes energy. This causes the battery life to suffer.

Despite my turn off with Motoblur, i was looking forward to using the Cliq without it however I ran into problems with Tmobile and ended my contract.

Samsung Moment on Sprint

I decided to open a contract with Sprint and purchased the Samsung Moment. This is an awesome phone! This is everything the G1 is but better. Better hardware and soon, better software.

Let's take a quick overview of the Moment. The Samsung Moment features a fast Qualcomm Arm11 processor that clocks in at a respectable 800 mhz. Android 1.5 runs as smooth as it can get coupled with 256 MB of ram. The Samsung Moment also has a beautiful AMOLED display.

What is AMOLED? Basically AMOLED is a screen technology that controls individual pixels and turns them on and off. The "black" colors on the screen are pixels that are turned off. Traditional, the color "black" needs to be powered and displayed on a screen while AMOLED simply turns off the pixel. This results in a very vivid and high contrast display. Along with the clear, crisp image, the display also helps your battery life. Turn off the pixels it doesn't need and lighting up the ones you want to see.

Note: a nice tip to save some battery life is adding a black style background and using black themes on your widgets where ever you can.

The physical keyboard on the Moment is excellent. Having used it for a few days, I've already gotten used to it. It is as wide as it can get for a slide out keyboard and the buttons are tactile and rubberized. This keyboard is great!

As far as OS, this phone comes out of the box with android 1.5 or "Cupcake". This is standard and for those who are in the know with smart phones, this is an outdated OS. Fortunately the Moment will be upgraded to 2.1 which is confirmed by Sprint. I also believe all Android phone will be upgraded to 2.1.

Having said that, I am already in love with this phone. It's banging! When 2.1 comes out, it will be even better!

What About the Verizon Droid?

What about it? Just kidding. Of course I did my homework. I considered the Droid as my next phone but I am not to trusting of Verizon. I suppose you can find bad press for all of the carriers to be fair.

The Droid is a fast phone. It features a 550 mhz processor and same amount of ram as the Moment. I know what you're all thinking. 550 mhz is not greater than 800 mhz on the Moment. True and false. The Droid has an under-clocked 550 mhz Cortex A8 processor while the Moment has an 800 mhz ARM11 processor. ARM estimates that the Cortex A8 is up to 40% faster than the ARM11 at the same frequency.

What does this mean? Do the math kids. 500 * 1.40 = 770 mhz. So the Droid is about the same speed as the Moment. This is true but the Droid also has a HD display sporting 4x the pixels of the Moment... but the display is NOT AMOLED. We can go back and fourth. The deal breaker for me was the keyboard. I hate the Droid's physical keyboard. It is ridiculously awful. It's flat... Like an anorexic model. It's bad. On top of that, Motorola decided to put a D-pad on the right side of the keyboard giving it less room. Yeah... Smart move. I'm sure people used that D-pad so often /sarcasm. What the hell Motorola?


A Perfect "Moment" to Upgrade Your G1

While signing my 2 year family plan with Sprint, I purchased the Samsung Moment for a sweet deal of $69.99 at Radioshack! This is a steal of a deal considering my Mytouch was $99 signing my Tmobile contract

Those faithful G1 owners have to come to terms and realize their phone is getting old and outdated. This goes without saying. All technology will become obsolete but for now and going into the end of 2010, the Moment is the perfect replacement for the G1, hands down. I like the G1 but my Moment is nice. Much nice in my opinion. Pick one up and see for yourself. Although it's not made by HTC, it's a great upgrade for the G1.

Samsung Moment
Samsung Moment

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Sandyspider profile image

Sandyspider 6 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

I don't own one, but wish I did. Nice hub.

Phone Excitement profile image

Phone Excitement 6 years ago

Good Hub! A fair comparison of QWERTY keyboard smartphones.

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