Japanese lures for bass fishing

Japanese lures for bass fishing

OK so I spend way toooo much money and time on bass fishing. I try to use things that are a little different or that maybe others don't have. I have spent a considerable amount of time surfing the web to find some of this stuff. I have found a website that has some if not all of the lures from Japan that you cant get in the states. The website is called Ichiban tackle. There are a few tips to surfing this website first of all they carry a lot of different lures but they sell out kind of fast so quantity is very limited. Recently I ordered some Megabass deep x 200 crank-baits and I must say I really love this bait as it reminds me of the older storm wiggle warts. You can fish this crank-bait very very slow and produce tons of action. I was able to get these baits for $13.50 per bait. I ordered 6 crank baits in three different colors. I always buy 2 of each color. The shipping was not that bad at 15.00 and I received them within 1 week. I would suggest this website to anyone that is interested in the Japanese products that you cant get here.

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Derek Jones 9 years ago

Having just moved to the states from the Uk I have been dying to try bass fishing and your article has provided me with some great advice. I'll be going to the fishing store next week then its off to catch my first bass!

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