Troubleshoot Internet Service Connection Problems

JetBroadband Internet Service Problems

If you've got Jetbroadband high speed internet in Virginia or West Virginia, you've more than likely experienced a time or two when you couldn't connect to the internet and felt stranded. Sometimes, these internet connection problems can be extremely frustrating as you're cut off completely from accessing your email, chat, and online accounts. You may have needed to quickly and conveniently access some important info or news, or just wanted some entertainment.

What may be even more frustrating is not knowing how to fix the problem. Many times the fix is simple, while other times it may require more intense configuration or troubleshooting. Sometimes the problem can be resolved by a simple modem/router reset, a computer restart or configuring some settings. Other times you may need the assistance of Jetbroadband technical support.

Jetbroadband currently offers internet service in Virginia and Western Virginia. At times, if you find your internet connection service it may be best to contact them first.This page will help you troubleshoot and diagnose some basic things which may be causing your Jetbroadband internet connection service problem.

Service Outage

It's quite possible that your cable or DSL service is down due to a storm, fire, accident or some other problem. Your first step when you find your internet service is down for an extended period of time may be to contact your internet service provider, Jetbroadband. They will have automated systems that provide information about outages, or you can report an outage. If you determine the problem is a result of the internet service being down, your best and only solution is to be patient until service is restored.

Reset Modem & Router

Sometimes the easiest fix for an internet connection issue is to simply restart your internet equipment.

-First, unplug your modem from its power source.

-Next, unplug your router from its power source. Wait at least 5 minutes with both items unplugged.

-After 5 minutes, plug your modem back in. Wait until the "online" or "cable" light is solid. Now, plug your router back in.

-Wait about a minute after the router is plugged in before attempting to go back online.

Reset Modem & Router Video

Dead Modem or Router?

During one of the last electrical storms, our Motorola Surfboard modem was zapped and wiped out. A storm can wipe out your wireless or wired router as well. The way you'll know this is obvious by the fact you won't see any of the lights on your modem or router. This is an unfortunate and costly repair, as the fix requires you to purchase a brand new modem or router. To prevent the problem, don't use your computer equipment during a major electrical storm and make sure to use a surge protector.

There are specially-designed, highly protective surge protectors called UPS, which allow surge and battery backup power so you can safely shut down your computer and other equipment. The UPS may also include a spot to run your cable or dsl line through to ensure it is protected as well.

If you purchased your modem, keep in mind that you can also rent modems on a monthly basis from Jetbroadband. This may be a quick solution to solve your internet service problem until you can purchase a new modem.

Antivirus Software

Sometimes antivirus and firewall software may be blocking your internet access. Many of the latest software programs include ways to shut off access to the internet in the event your internet may have been hacked. At times, warning boxes will pop up to alert users about suspicious sites, and the program may give the option to halt internet access. It's possible that the setting was inadvertently clicked on when someone received a warning message from the anitvirus software. Check to make sure this is not your issue by going into the antivirus software settings.

Also check out these free spyware detection and removal downloads, as sometimes Spyware can infect your system and re-route your internet browser to different addresses.

Jetbroadband Customer Service & Support

JetBroadband operates out of Virginia and West Virginia. Contacting customer service may help you determine another possible problem; your bill hasn't been payed on time. If this is the case, making a payment over the phone by check or credit card will have your internet service restored within minutes.

Via Telephone in Virginia
1-877 7-GETJET

8:00am - 8:00pm M-F
9:00am - 5:00pm Sat.

Via Telephone in West Virginia

8:30am - 6:00pm M-F
8:30am - 5:00pm Sat.

If your internet service has been down for some time and your bill's been paid, JetBroadband also offers internet technical support phone lines for Virginia and West Virginia.

In Virginia or West Virginia you can call 1-866-668-0171 for Jetbroadband Internet Technical support. Make sure to have your account information ready. Having a copy of your latest bill may be the best way to have the updated info available when the internet support rep asks you questions.

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