Jupiter Jack HandsFree - Quick Bullet Point Review

Jupiter Jack Handsfree Introduction

Hi Guys. I am writing this article to give you a nice simple review in bullet point format of one of my favorite products – the Jupiter Jack Handsfree Cellphone device.

Please beware of those websites that pretend to lure you in with provocative headlines only to try to sell you the moon. All you need to know about Jupiter Jack is listed below so go ahead and take a glance.

What is it?

Jupiter Jack is a HandsFree cellphone device that you can use to talk on your phone while driving in a safe and secure manner

How it works

  • Jupiter Jack HandsFree plugs into your Cell Phone
  • You then place your Cell Phone on Your Dashboard
  • Tune in Your Car Radio to 99.3 FM
  • And You Are Done!

Jupiter Jack transmits a phone call through the speakers in your car. You can preset your radio to 99.3 FM. When you get a call, hit that radio preset button and talk normally. You will hear the person on the other end through your car speakers.

Pros and Cons of Jupiter Jack


  • Cheaper than a HandsFree Bluetooth Set
  • Allows You to Place Both Hands on the Wheel
  • Allows You to Drive Safely
  • You Get Great Loud Sound through Your Car Speakers
  • Wonderful Value for Money


  • If you are in traffic and there is a lot of honking, you should keep your windows up


Buy one get one, with two payments of $10.00 + S&H.


The Jupiter Jack Handsfree is taking the world by storm. This is a wonderful product for various reasons. I am of the opinion that it actually saves lives! Also, this is the perfect time to buy a few of these Jupiter Jacks just in time for the holiday gift giving season. It is very inexpensive and a wonderful tool for any commuter.

So please stop talking on your cell phone while you drive if you do not own a Jupiter Jack. It can be extremely dangerous. Be safe and buy yourself a Jupiter Jack. You can get two for $20 – one for each car. If you have only one car, then give the other one to a friend as a gift.

This is a wonderful product and it is one of the few products out there that I love to promote because doing so is almost like a good deed. This awesome gadget can put your mind at ease and help you stay safe and healthy. Thanks for Reading! 

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RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

Jupiter Jack sounds like a true must-have, as well as a great Christmas gift gadget.

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