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The Kindle eBook Reader has really shaken up the reading world.  It's no longer just a geek gadget, which was proved when Oprah made the Kindle one of her favourite things in 2007.  For most people, it seems like a 'nice to have' rather than a 'must have'.  That is until they purchase one and can't believe they lived so long without one.  There is no doubt that this little electronic device is hot right now.

If you are already an avid reader then it's likely that the Kindle electronic book reader is right up your alley (that is if you don't own one already).  Fans say that reading from it is very smooth and much like reading from real paper.  It's comfortable to hold and it has full wireless capabilities making it [currently] the only eBook reader that can deliver its books wirelessly to your Kindle.

The Kindle 2 (the current latest Amazon Kindle reader) has improved its design on its predecessor with a much sleeker and thinner interface and Amazon has also worked on the design and layout of the buttons making it much more intuitive and user friendly that the original. Many have been calling the Kindle the iPod of books.

And while looks and technology are important, at the end of the day it's all about the reading experience.

And that is where the Kindle shines.  Amazon currently has over 350,000 books, mags and newspapers to download including best sellers such as Glenn Beck's New book: Arguing with Idiots released 22 September 2009.

Now the Kindle is no longer just a luxury for US customers as well, recently the Kindle went global and countries including Australia, UK, Europe, Canada and more can also order the Kindle eBook Reader as well. 

To celebrate, Amazon has just announced that it is also reducing the price of the Kindle 2 from $279 to $259 due to 'strong customer demand'.  If you have bought a Kindle in the last few weeks Amazon will credit you $20 refund.

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S Bollinger profile image

S Bollinger 5 years ago from USA Maryland

Its great that Amazon has given Kindle 2 customers a refund of $20.00 that purchased them around the same times as they reduced its prices. Great JOB!

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