LED Lenser Flashlights: Guide to the Ultimate Energy Efficient Bright Lights by Coast

LED Lenser flashlights are arguably the most state-of-the-art lights on the market. Producing what might be the brightest small tactical flashlight around, the X21, Coast Products, Inc. distributes German-engineered handheld lights for outdoors, self-defense, satellite signalling, law enforcement, hunting, and military use.

Here you can compare torch models and find specifications of these extremely bright handheld lights designed for serious focused and broad-range lighting needs.

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LED Lenser: Best & Brightest Tactical Flashlight?

The LED lights available on the market vary significantly in quality. According to the manufacturer, and judging by testimonials, Coast LED Lenser lights are high performance tactical lights that use the best quality LED technology currently available. LED Lensers are engineered in Germany by Zweibrueder Optoelectronics and produced in both Germany and Yang Jiang, China.

The small size is in opposite proportion to their powerful performance. A patented optics system means a brighter beam. The flashlights and headlamps can be focused or flood an area quickly with one hand.

All this power is tempered by a termal management system that optimizes heat transfer. Coast LED Lenser lights also have a lifetime guarantee.

LED Lenser Pros & Cons at a Glance

LED Lenser Disadvantages:

  • Cost: An LED Lenser flashlight is not an inexpensive purchase. The lights cost significantly more than run-of-the-mill flashlights.

LED Lenser Advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency: LED lights consume as much as 80 percent less energy than conventional lighting.
  • Less Heat Emission: The use of LED technology in the flashlight means that less heat is given off in its use. However, heat management is important because high performance lighting means increased heat. To mitigate this, LED Lenser flashlights are built to dissipate thermal energy efficiently.
  • Convenience: Many of the flashlights use standard size batteries, which makes them easy to replace.
  • Beam Brightness: LED Lenser lights have very bright infrared beams to ensure maximum visibility.
  • Ease of Use: LED Lenser flashlights are compact and easy to operate one-handed, leaving the other hand free.
  • Durability: Solid state light emitting diodes tend to be more durable and less prone to breaking than the glass lamps used in conventional flashlights. Solid aircraft grade aluminum or brass metal casings help protect the fragile elements much better than the plastic used in other types of flashlights.
  • Features: LED Lenser flashlights do what they do very, very well because they are grounded in an array of patented and exclusive technologies resulting in extremely bright lights that focus accurately and quickly, making them the ultimate handheld tactical use lights. One example: Various optical and reflector systems in the flashlights take the already bright lights "up a notch" and allow for keen focusing and smooth transitions.
  • Longterm Cost Effectiveness: As LED Lenser flashlights don't lose nearly the heat that standard incandescent bulbs do, this yields a longer battery life, which means a big savings on battery power. And the torches' durability means they last longer.

What is LED Used For?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. An LED is a type of light source that happens to be a semiconductor. You're probably already familiar with the use of LED lamps in monitor screens and the indicator lights (generally little red, white and green dots or lines) on watches, alarm clocks, electronic devices, control panels and vehicle dashboards.

What you may not know is that LED lighting has begun to be used in non-device applications, such as for lighting stages, film, Christmas trees, and monuments, too.

In the future, look for LED wallpaper...a truly futuristic form of lighting indeed!

LED Lenser Lights - Energy Efficiency Ahead of Its Time

The energy efficiency of high quality light-emitting diode (LED) technology is only one benefit of using an LED Lenser flashlight. With features such as an advanced focus system and speed focus, these flashlights make it easy to focus the brightest beam on a single spot.

LED Lenser lights emit far less heat and use far less energy than conventional lights. These "green" LED lights are effectively paving the way for broadscale use of LED lighting in the United States, as incandescent bulbs may be well on their way out.

LED lighting for indoors and outdoors appears to be the wave of the future. The conversion from standard performance incandescent lighting to energy efficient LED-quality performance seems imminent in the U.S.

Coast LED Lenser MT7 Flashlight Specifications & Features

LED Lenser Product #
Top Features
MT7 - 8307T
Compact Size, Rechargeable Battery, Strobing, Advanced Focus System, Wall - USB - & Magnetic Recharging, Speed Focus, Microcontroller Switch System, Upgraded On-Off Switch
Size 5.75", 220 Lumens, Beam Distance 837 Feet, Runtime 3.5 Hours High, 11 Hours Low, Battery 4 x AAA
Buyer's Guide to Coast LED Lenser MT7 8307T Flashlight

LED Lenser MT7 Flashlight (8307T)

Update on the long-awaited MT7: I just heard from an official at Coast, who told me that the lights are estimated to be available October 2010.

September 1, 2010: The LED Lenser MT7 flashlight is now available on Amazon.com.

October 20, 2010: The MT7 is apparently out of stock at Amazon.com and every other place I tried. When it becomes available to buy again, I'll let you know.

January 7, 2011: The drama continues - the MT7 is once again available for sale.

January 28, 2012: Happily, they seem to have their supply issues ironed out...

With the most votes of confidence in our reader's poll as of January 2012, the MT7 adds some features and upgrades to the T7, including rechargeable batteries. With an improved, more water resistant on-off switch, strobing, multiple recharging options (it comes with an AC recharging unit, wall mount and magnetic recharger as well as a USB recharging option), the Advanced Focus System, speed focus operation, and a microcontroller switch, it also comes in its own durable carrying case.

Coast LED Lenser M7R Flashlight Specifications & Features

LED Lenser Product #
Top Features
M7R - 8307R
Compact Size, Rechargeable Battery, Strobing, Advanced Focus System, Wall - USB - & Magnetic Recharging, Speed Focus, Microcontroller Switch System
Size 6", 220 Lumens, Beam Distance 837 Feet, Runtime 12 Hours High, 20.5 Hours Low, Battery 1x ICR18650 Li-Ion
Buyer's Guide to Coast LED Lenser 8307R M7R Flashlight

LED Lenser M7R (8307R)

June 9 2010 Update on the LED M7R Flashlight: An official at Coast has just told me that the M7R is due to come out in October of 2010.

September 1, 2010 Update: And here it is - the LED Lenser M7R flashlight is now available on Amazon.com.

The M7R, new for 2010, is the P7 taken up a few notches. It has a rechargeable LI-ION battery with a 10 hour battery life and magnetic battery charger for use with the optional wall mount (included), strobing capabilities, one-handed speed focus, and the state-of-the-art Advanced Focus System allowing for a spot-to-flood beam. The M7R LED lenser flashlight yields 190 maximum lumens. It boasts a microcontroller switch system, a 722 foot beam distance, and comes in a hard case.

Coast LED Lenser X21 Flashlight Specifications & Features

LED Lenser Product #
Top Features
X21 - 8437
Advanced Focus System, Speed Focus, Microcontroller Switch, 3-Step Quick Cycle Switch, Carrying Case
Beam Distance 1532 feet, Lumens 1300, Runtime 244 hours, Batteries 4 x D, Length 16.5", Weight 48 oz.
Buyer's Guide to Coast LED Lenser X21 8437 Flashlight

LED Lenser X21 Flashlight - Brightest LED Flashlight

The manufacturer calls the amazing X21 the "brightest handheld LED light ever produced." This light is seriously high performance, with a maximum 1200 lumens as specified on Coast's 2010 catalog and a working battery life of 244 hours. At 16.5" and 3 lbs, it's perforce longer and heavier than other LED Lenser models, and it comes in a durable carrying case.

Find the instruction manual at http://www.coastportland.com/instructions/Instructions_x21.pdf.

Note: The 2009 X21 and the related X7 are featured here. Upcoming is a rechargeable version, model #8737, the X21R, with 1400 maximum lumens.

Coast LED Lenser T7 Flashlight - Features & Specifications

LED Lenser Product #
Top Features
T7 - 8420
Compact Design, Advanced Focus System, One-Handed Speed Focus, 3 Step Quick Cycle Switch, Sheath
Beam Distance 689 feet, Lumens 200, Runtime 64 hours, Batteries 4 x AAA, Length 5.75", Weight 7.2 ounces
Buyer's Guide to Coast LED Lenser T7 8420 Flashlight

LED Lenser T7 - HP8420 Torch

Similar to the P7 (see the P7 elsewhere in this buying guide), but with a tactical style case, the slim LED Lenser T7 flashlight features the same manufacturing excellence as all Coast's LED high performance lights. It's made with an aluminum case, the Advanced Focus System, Speed Focus, and presents a more economical option than many of the models.

Amazon.com reviewers compare it favorably in quality and price to Mag-Lite, Pelican, Surefire, Stinger, and Blackhawk flashlights.

Coast LED Lenser P7 Flashlight Specifications & Features

LED Lenser Product #
Top Features
P7 - 8407
Advanced Focus System, One-Handed Speed-Focus, Three step Quick-Cycle Switch, Sheath
Beam Distance 689 feet, Lumens 200, Battery Working Life 64 hours, Batteries 4 x AAA batteries Length 5.5" length, Weight 7 oz.
Buyer's Guide to Coast LED Lenser P7 8407 Flashlight

LED Lenser P7 Torch

The manufacturer recommends the small, slim aluminum-cased P7 tactical LED flashlight as the ideal "standard equipment on every duty belt." It runs on easy-to-find AAA batteries and is bright, bright, bright for its compact size. It has a maximum wattage of 2.43.  

As of January 7, 2011, this light is scoring second highest (next to the MT7) in our reader's poll.

Coast LED Lenser P17 Flashlight Specifications & Features

LED Lenser Product #
Top Features
P17 - 8417
Advanced Focus System, One-Handed Speed-Focus, 3 Step Quick-Cycle Switch
Beam Distance 1082 feet, Lumens 220, Runtime 480 hours, Batteries 3 X D, Length 13", Weight 12.4 oz.
Buyer's Guide to Coast LED Lenser P17 8417 Flashlight

Coast High Performance LED Lenser Flashlight - P17

LED Lenser P17 Torch

A longer and heftier LED flashlight, this one has a long battery life of 480 hours (that's 20 continuous days!)

It features the remarkable brightness of all LED Lenser flashlights and will function with excellence on its three D batteries when you need it. The 3-step Quick Cycle Switch allows easy switching to maximum, high and low light levels.

Coast LED Lenser P14 Flashlight Features & Specifications

LED Lenser Product #
Top Features
P14 - 8414
Advanced Focus System, One-Handed Speed-Focus, 3 Step Quick-Cycle Switch, Sheath
Beam Distance 919 feet, Lumens 210, Runtime 104 hours, Batteries 4 x AA, Length 8.5" length, Weight 13.8 ounces
Buying Guide to Coast LED Lenser P14 8414 Flashlight

LED Lenser P14 Torch (8414)

In a tactical casing, the P14 is sized to take convenient AA batteries.  The Quick Cycle Switch makes switching to three different light levels easy.   With a slightly larger, 1.8" head diameter.  Maximum wattage is 4.36.

Coast LED Lenser V2 7736 D Flashlight Specifications & Features

LED Lenser Product #
Top Features
V2 - 7736D
Cloverleaf Multi-Reflector System, Front Dual Switch White/Red Light
Lumens 130 (White) 5 (Red), Runtime 44 Hours (White) 74 (Red), Batteries 3 x AAA, Length 3.7 inches, Weight 6.2 ounces, 5 White LEDs & 1 Red LED
Buyer's Guide to Coat LED Lenser 7736 D Flashlight

LED Lenser 7736 Dual Color Torch (V2)

The price is incredibly cheap for what it does. The V2 in a tactical casing is a small, inexpensive flashlight that gets up to 130 lumens of white light and 5 lumens of red, and runs on popular AAA batteries.

It has a special feature: The red light option of this dual color LED Lenser flashlight is ideal for low light reading, and won't inhibit night vision as white light does. The white light is a very broad beam of non-focused light.

With the Coast LED Lenser durable aluminum casing. One LED Lenser 7736 reviewer on Amazon.com said that for the price, this one compared favorably to Surefire or Streamlight, and another compared it favorably to a Maglite.

Coast LED Lenser 7438 Flashlight Specifications & Features

LED Lenser Product #
Top Features
Tactical Focus Beam, 7438
Advanced Focus System, Rear On/Off Switch
Lumens 102, Runtime 52 hours, Batteries 3 X AAA, Length 5", Weight 5.6 ounces
Buyer's Guide to Coast LED Lenser 7438 Flashlight

LED Lenser 7438 Torch

With the Tactical Focus Beam, to switch from a narrow beam to broad beam, just twist, and you won't get any dark spots.

This is due to the Advanced Focus System, which is excellent at eliminating dark spots in the center of the beam.Thus visibility is increased, making for safer conditions.

Find the instruction manual for 7438 at http://www.coastportland.com/instructions/Instructions_7438.pdf

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