LG Phone

LG Car Phone

When I first saw this phone I was in love. Not only is this phone a wireless cell phone which I love it is shaped like a sports car put the two together & baby you had me at "hello". I love the LG Car Phone.

There are a lot of features that make this the best little phone I have had. First and foremost it is small I like the size better than my last phone. I like the fact it has ring tones that are race start sounds and race car engines that rocks. This phone is a flip phone which I find very helpful. Mine is set so when I flip it open I can answer a call, when I flip it closed I hand up. This is a brilliant feature.

The keypad on this phone is great it has individual lettered keys so you don't have to click one key 3 times to get your letter. This is so handy testing is so much faster than with other phones. The light up back panel is also really handy if you are in a dark room your key pad is completely lit up so you can see it well. The size of the letter keys is just perfect not to big not to small. The number keys are inset the letter keys are popped out making it easy to text with out hitting number keys by mistake I love that feature. 

Mushroom growing in my yard
Mushroom growing in my yard

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The camera on this phone is impressive to the right is a picture I have taken with my LG Car phone. I am very surprised at the quality of the pictures from this little phone. I have taken pictures in many different situations and most come out really well. The light level of course is a factor with any camera so that for me is not a big issue. Most cameras have a flash to compensate & this phone has a small light which is quiet useful.

I have seriously dropped this phone so many times it should not be functioning by now. I have a habit of putting my phone in my front tee shirt pocket when I am working and well yes I bend over to pick some thing up then of course it falls out of my pocket onto the floor or cement which ever the case may be. Even so I have never had any problems with this phone. It has taken a lickin and it just keeps on ticken. I have never had any problems with it keeping a charge either the bettery lasts me quite a while as well. Even when I text a lot, I mean a lot I still have power for a few days which is great. 

Honestly the only complaint I have with this phone is there is not enough picture memory. I take way to many pictures & I am the first to admit that any normal picture taking person may have enough room for what they need to do with this phone. I however do not because I am crazy about pictures of all kinds. Case in point the little white mushroom growing in my yard. Most may think me a bit mad for even taking the time to snap a shot of some thing so small & insignificant. I am a picture freak though I tend to find beauty in things most people would not. To me that mushroom was unique and very interesting. 

I make up for that fact that this phone does not have enough memory for me by emailing my pictures to my email address so I can save them. This not only saves all my pictures it saves me a lot of time as well. I f you are in the market for a new phone and come across an LG car Phone you might want to check it out. It could be a what you are looking for in a cell phone.

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