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Remember the good ol’ days during the 90’s? The Walkman, the Gameboy, and those large phones that looks like they always belong to the military? Well as they say in many LoL sites, if you knew about it then you’re awesome!

With the latest iPhone up for the grabs, the competition in the smart phone market is really heating up. Aside from smart phones, new gaming consoles, internet-connected TVs, washing machines and more, this decade (or should we say ‘generation’ in general) has faced a really huge degree of digital evolution. Imagine during the beginning of 2000’s, colored phones were pretty rare and are already luxurious, but now tech companies are already gearing up for higher resolution, greater graphics, and faster performance technologies for their phones. It gets you a little hyped up isn’t? Well that may mean you’re already old!

Latest Mobile Phones

Often you would notice in the news the legal battle between Samsung and Apple. The bottom line of their fight? Smart phones. These two are the top contending companies in the field of smart phones, with Apple having iPhone 5 while Samsung having Galaxy SIII. If you would compare these gadgets, they’re the beasts of their field. In a lot of aspects like design, functionality, durability and more, these two phones truly outmatch their competitors. Hence, it wouldn’t be really a surprise if these two were the two best selling smart phones in the world. But personally though, I’d say I like the Samsung Galaxy S better.

Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S

Latest Technology

Latest Consoles

Remember the good ol’ days of gaming? If you’re a hardcore gamer then you would have. Well, ever since the introduction of the Playstation by Sony during the late 90’s, the world of gaming has revolutionized more than a hundred fold to what it was today. There are rumours already about the new Xbox 720 and Playstation 4, the top two gaming consoles as of date.

Gaming in itself has really evolved during these last few years along with the latest technology. In the next gen of gaming, we might be actually dealing with live-virtual reality.


The development of tablets is also relatively new. It has just sprung up in the late 2000’s and as of now, they’re also one of the bustling markets in the field of hand-held devices. In fact there are already lots of companies that have ventured in this field, even the top online bookstore turned online shopping center Amazon.

Latest Apps

Apps, which aren’t really of existence during the first half of 2000’s, have also been a bustling market these last few years. Apps are basically programs designed by users themselves for the benefit of other users. They range from gaming, local search, informational, and even to those things that help us in our everyday life. (Like turning on appliances and stuff) Moreover, they also range in different platforms – smart phones, tablets, laptops, even the latest appliances like TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines.

These latest devices have remarkably changed our lifestyles for the better. Just imagine what our technology would be in the next few years!

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