Laurence Cooks Up a Good Idea for Lighting the Olympics

At the tender age of 24 Industrial Design Engineer Laurence Kembell-Cook has created quite a name for himself as the founder and CEO of Pavegen, a company leading the way in innovative energy-saving technologies in the form of a revolutionary energy-saving floor tile which uses the kinetic energy created by the act of stepping on it to generate power for lighting.

It is something for which he has a penchant, according to those who know him well. He once demonstrated to a fascinated reporter how he could hack a cheap radio and run it on his own kinetic energy. He also synthesised the power of LED bicycle lights to provide superior lighting at a fraction of the cost of the commercial product.

Mr Kembell-Cook’s name is about to become better known still as his product finds pride of place amongst all the latest technology that will be on display at the 2012 Olympics in London. Twelve energy harvesting tiles will line a walkway at West Ham underground station leading to the Olympic Park, generating about 72 million joules of energy


Pavegen Products

The technology involved in Pavegen’s product does more than simply power lights. Each unit also contains a wireless transmitter that sends information via the Internet. From a portable computer or a smartphone users will be able to monitor precisely how much renewable energy is being created.

The Head of Sustainability on the Olympic Organising Committee explains: ““We want people coming to the Games to be able to do their bit for the environment and this is a great example where, literally in a few steps, people can actively contribute towards making these truly sustainable Games.”

Driving Sustainability Through Home Lighting

The premise and the use of low energy lighting is now commonplace throughout the work environment and also in millions of households. What was once a quite ugly projection entirely out of keeping with the existing lampshades with which they were unceremoniously forced together, low energy lighting is now designed into every surround resulting in some quite attractive and thoughtful designs in the realm of home lighting.

During recent years the low energy-using components have been made brighter and progress continues to be made in this field on technology. Although LED is not yet a light source to wholly replace incandescent or fluorescent lighting, it already enjoys a great many uses around the home and in the garden. Without doubt LED lighting is the fastest growth area within its field.


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