Enjoy Life by using Gadgets Wisely....

Gadgets for Life

Gadgets to Make or Break Life
Gadgets to Make or Break Life

Gadgets for Life.

1.       Cell phone, Pager, PDAs

2.       IPODs, MP3 Players

3.       GPS

4.       Camera/Camcorder

5.       Recorder


It is really amazing how technology has evolved over the years. To start with Cell phones, in early 90s there were very few users in terms in few hundreds who could offered a cell phone. Also the cell phones were bulky in the size of a suitcase. But today we have the smallest, sleekest phone available from different manufacturers (Moto Razer to Blackberry)   So going back to 90’s and thinking how did people stay in touch without cell phones…it is really mind blowing the way technology has changed and made our lives so easy to live, by staying in touch with friends and families at just a tip of your finger.


You cannot see any one without cell phone these days.


How to use technology wisely?

Follow some of the tips to enjoy your life to its fullest potential with technology..


1.   Use Technology Wisely; do not allow it to replace PERSONAL Contact (Reconnect).

2.   Free up your time from your gadgets so you can spend more physical (face to face) contact with your Loved ones  .

3.    Our young people are starving for Discipline and Love... they need social personal contact (not just text message, Face book ,Avatar, Orkut and other social networks ) so they know what Positive relationships feel like (Trust).

4.   The media is so fake, and our youth is trying to live up to a Virtual Image that has been retouched digitally or by surgery.

5.   There are NINE (9) Basic needs of ALL Humans
a. Food and Shelter

b. Protection

c. Empathy

d. Community

e. Trust

f. Celebration (Rest/Work/Play)

g. Love (Agape)

h. Autonomy (Choices)

i. Purpose (1 & 9) We were ALL born for a Purpose!
Make Sure all of your needs are met, then WORK YOUR PURPOSE! ...
Choose JOY! DAILY... remember you have a "Choice" Autonomy....
I guess you want to know HOW
H= Honest about Where you are
O Open Minded... Get out of your comfort Zone...
W Willing to Change... Correct what is not working.

How Technology becomes a problem if not used properly


1.   Misunderstandings and Divorce  -- Most common reason why there is lack of understanding in a marriage is because either husband / wife is gadget sway. After coming from a long hour of work if wife/husband start to spend time with their gadgets or on the internet chatting emailing etc..then this leads to misunderstandings in relation ships and finally to divorce.


SHARE your SMILE with Everyone, remember "A person's life should be BETTER because they met you" Mother Theresa




More to follow…….

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