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Shopping by Mobile Phone

When mobile phones became popular with the feature of a camera, I thought to myself, what on earth does one need a camera on their phone for? I was never much of a photo taker before this time so toting a camera around 24/7 didn’t hold much merit to me.

Now, however when selecting a phone, if it has less than five megapixels I don’t even give it a second glance. I think now, how could I live without my Android II. It has become my social connection. I can yahoo chat on my phone. I interact with my friends on Facebook. I could tweet if I was into Twitter. Alas, I take photos nearly wherever I go. Just about all of the photos that come with my blogs are taken with my Android phone.

Wait! Don’t stop reading. I promise this is not a press release article for The Android. It’s about how the camera in my phone has revolutionized shopping for me. You see, now when I window shop and see something I love, I take a photo of it and the price tag. The next day I can look at the picture and see if I am still in love with it. If I am, I start my saving for the item and if not the photo of the item gets deleted. I was on a drive with my sister and her fiancée and we passed this lovely house I just had to get a picture of. I think perhaps after Dwayne Johnson and I marry we can build a house just like it to live in.

My next home ... Maybe
My next home ... Maybe | Source

Then there is shopping for clothes. Once upon a time I had a younger sister that I shopped with regularly. Well she has since gotten engaged and her time is very limited. Well at least with me. I smile. I wouldn’t have it any other way but the great thing is she can still shop with me even when she is with her man. Look at the example below. I found three great outfits, at the right price that fit me as perfectly as I could ever want. I needed to conference with my sister as to the best choice. So thanks to MMS, I was able to snap a picture of myself in the dressing room mirror and send them to her.

Looking fancy in gold and black
Looking fancy in gold and black | Source
Looking ready for business in red
Looking ready for business in red | Source
Working a look for day or evening
Working a look for day or evening | Source

See in today’s world, one can be alone, but not. Oh, and if you’re wondering we both choose the red suit. Yes, I am so, Loving My Single Life.

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