Lumia 620 v Lumia 920 v Nokia 808 Cameras

3 Nokia Phones

The 620,808 & 920 side by side
The 620,808 & 920 side by side

Go Compare

So having recently posted a piece about the Nokia Lumia 620 I have had on loan from Nokia Connects for the last couple of weeks and having more comments on the photos than the piece itself , I decided to try doing an actual camera comparison and throw in shots from the Nokia 808 as well, although in certain shots it seems to fail to cope with contrast and colour a little !! All the photos were taken in auto mode except the close ups when I set close up as setting on all three. They are all taken in a point and shoot fashion and I have tried to make them as similar as possible, please don't make comments on my photographic skills, I KNOW the 808 can take much better photographs than any camera phone on the planet, I am comparing what you get in various situations when you press the camera button on the current Nokia phones and take a snap shot :)

Also the random finger that showed up on one of the pictures was noticed too late, so I left it there as it was too late to go back and redo it :/

Low Light Shots 620 top, 808 middle & 920 Bottom in all sets

Low Light/Dark

The Lumia 920 is renowned for its low light performance so I went into my cellar to compare the three cameras with auto set and flash on, I also tried a shot with the focus assist light on and then off on the 920 to see what difference it made , in low light, in my opinion, it is better when on, but for all the other shots it was turned off, as this seems to improve 'normal' photography a little. There are also a few crops and photos spliced together in this piece, not really my forte, but an attempt to make comparison a little easier.

Just so people can appreciate how well all three phones did there is a snap bellow I took with the Nokia 808 in auto, with flash off, it's black, also crops from two shots I took with the 920 with the focus light on and then off.

Black & Crop

Photo from my 808 no flash
Photo from my 808 no flash

Close up Wooden Elephant Same order 620,808 then 920


Landscape, Buildings and Stuff

There was still quite a lot of snow left out and about when I went out with my three Nokias and quite a lot of sunshine too (putting the sun behind me may have produced some better shots, but I was just snapping away) I tried resizing and splicing the first three shots which I think all three phones made a great job of .

All the sets of three will, as before ,appear in the order, Lumia 620 top, Nokia 808 middle and the Lumia 920 at the bottom. Also towards the bottom of the piece I cropped the clock out of the photographs of the local churches clock tower and spliced them together again in an attempt to try and make it easier to compare the detail, which again looks pretty good from all three, at least to me , anyway :)

So on with the picture uploading I go then !!

Clouds Side by Side

Church & Clock

The last couple of comparison shots are of our local church, kind of appropriate on Easter Sunday I guess, I think they all came out ok as snapshots and the crop of the church clock are at the end to compare .

Thanks for reading/viewing the piece, hope you enjoyed it a bit , happy Easter and all that :)

Stephen Quin


Removal of User Error

Just a brief post script, as a result of some comments (particularly from my friend and photographic mentor Richard Dorman) about the colour on some of my 808 photos I checked my settings on my phone and finally realised that the 808 in 8 meg Pureview in the creative settings had been left in 'incandescent' mode and so the colours were well off !!

So, despite it being a different time of day, I nipped out to try and repeat the shots, they are not quite the same due to the position of the sun, but with the light setting at auto, the 808 camera gives it's normal natural representation of colour :)

However as I said at the beginning, the 808 was really just thrown into the mix, I was really wanting to show off the Lumia cameras, which obviously work better when not altered by an idiot ;-D

Photos with light settings at auto

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Comments 8 comments

Steve Barker 3 years ago

Interesting comparison.

Although the colour reproduction of the 808 is probably more accurate (only you can confirm this) the 620 takes very passable snaps across a wide range of conditions without having to fiddle with settings.

And that is the point of the 620: its never going to be Camera King in this ex halted company, but I think your excellent article proves it can more than hold its own.

carman58 profile image

carman58 3 years ago from Leeds, Uk Author

Thank you very much Mr Barker , that really was the point of it :-)

Richard 3 years ago

The Lumia 620 in incredibly good for the price.

carman58 profile image

carman58 3 years ago from Leeds, Uk Author

Absolutely,couldn't agree more, will miss the little phone when it goes back to Nokia ;)

Richard 3 years ago

On the strength of this, I've just bought a 'new' Lumia 620 on eBay for £112! Seems to be the going rate for unwanted upgrades - incredible.

(Although I should wait to see my 'brand new in box' purchase before I pop any corks...).

carman58 profile image

carman58 3 years ago from Leeds, Uk Author

wow, great, don't think you'll be disappointed :-)

Abhishek Bhardwaj 3 years ago

I don't have much information about photography and intricacies in it but personally I liked pics clicked with 920 and 620 over 808, 808 reproduced more colors which I didn't liked much compared to other two.

carman58 profile image

carman58 3 years ago from Leeds, Uk Author

Well that is good as it shows Nokia have cameras on their Lumia devices that are easy to use and produce great results with very little effort. Thank you for reading and commenting ;)

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