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Voice Recognition Software for Mac

Hours of typing can be harmful to your wrists! MacSpeech Dictate allows you to Talk to your Mac and save your wrists. MacSpeech Dictate is powered by Dragon Talk (creators of the well-known PC speech recognition program), but MacSpeech is specifically built for Mac, MacSpeech dictation software allows you to quickly and efficiently dictate to the programs that you already on your Mac and have your speech converted to text. If you have been wishing for good voice and speech recognition for Mac, here it is! For more info on MacSpeech Dictate with Free USB Microphone and Headset! Click Here!

Now your Mac can Convert Voice to Text

Until a few years ago, voice recognition software just wasn't ready for prime time. However, today speech to text can be done with Amazing Accuracy! MacSpeech Dictate will amaze you with its incredible accuracy -- you just talk and MacSpeech Dictate types it for you.

And unlike most older programs, MacSpeech Dictate does this with Minimal Training of the Software (no sitting and talking for hours!). MacSpeech has great accuracy and will increase yourproductivity. You will be benefiting from MacSpeech's excellent capabilities within 5 minutes of installing the software.

Too much typing can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

With MacSpeech you can use your voice for all Essential Command Capabilities: rather than using your keyboard to type shortcuts or your mouse to select menu commands, you can just say a command. MacSpeech does it for you. Easy!

MacSpeech Dictate uses the time-tested Dragon Voice Recognition Engine made by Nuance -- the best-known speech recognition engine in the world. Nuance is the driving force behind MacSpeech Dictate's outstanding accuracy.

No need to worry: MacSpeech Dictate works with the applications that you currently use, such as Microsoft Word, QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop and others. Furthermore, MacSpeech works well with Apple programs like Keynote, iChat, Mail, iPhoto and others.

Plus, right now when you buy MacSpeech you get a free Microphone and Headset -- so you have everything you need to stop typing and start dictating!  For more info on MacSpeech Dictate with Free USB Microphone and Headset! Click Here!

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mulberry1 profile image

mulberry1 7 years ago

I haven't used this but it sounds fantastic. It's been a few years since I've tried any of the speech to text kinds of products. I would love to see it in action!

funwithtrains profile image

funwithtrains 7 years ago from USA Author

Thanks mulberry1. Yes, speech to text has come a long way! If you click through the link above the comments, then go to instructional videos, you can get a preview of how easy it is these days.

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