Magnetic propulsion space travel

3, 2, 1 repel?

Could you imagine traveling through space at speeds only presented in theory? My thoughts as a dreamer if you will; I have always been fascinated by magnetism, that invisible force that either attracts or repels one body toward or away from each other. Now here is my idea; at least as a thought, imagine you created a spacecraft that made use of very powerful magnetic devices, such as a MRI equipment or some other powerful electro magnetic piece of equipment and lets say we fitted our spacecraft with just such equipment.

Now, as far as I know, most celestial bodies have two magnetic polar fields embodied in their masses. My plan would involve harnessing the opposing and attracting radiant fields of these starry hosts to propel our spacecraft to not only incredible speeds, but also to unknown, up to that point, galaxies that have been explored physically.

This magnetic propulsion drive vehicle could attain, at least in theory speeds that would be as fast, if not even greater than the speed of light. There would have to be a focused and directed beam of this magnetic energy in order to accomplish just such a feat. Perhaps, the use of microwaves, as in radio waves could conduct just such a concentrated beam of electron or proton particles plentiful enough and quick enough to transition just such a thought from dream to viability.

Billy Thorpe


So, is this seemingly far fetched or do you suppose one day a reality? This universe of infinite outer space, even more intriguing than a Hubble could show us and waiting for our inhabitants to explore physically. Will we be ready and responsible enough to ensure no harmful or careless prolifreration or exploitation occurs when we finally arrive at the threshold of this new frontier?

I hope so and I remain open to the dream.

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ttagpine profile image

ttagpine 5 years ago

Keep the dream. Remember, we once thought the speed of sound couldn't be broken. I would also go with the magnetic propulsion system, or possibly nuclear. Those would be the most efficient power sources (So far) for deep space travel. neither would need to be recharged very often.

noturningback profile image

noturningback 5 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA Author

Thank you ttagpine, can't wait til this is explored more thoroughly. Anyone else have any thoughts? Please add them, we need more power Scotty, lol.

iamspuzzum 4 years ago

I've been thinking similar lately. The Earth for example, is grounded, so just the process of creating a positive field around a vehicle, enveloped in a way to direct the vehicle in a certain direction. Not too sure how it would work on Earth, as you'd need the polarity of the air above ground as well, but if we knew the polarity of Space, then electrically create an envelope of the opposite polarity, leaving the front of the vehicle untoched. IE: like a \0/

noturningback profile image

noturningback 4 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA Author

Thanks iamspuzzum for the comment. Perhaps a beam could be emitted, a beam made of either protons or electrons. Switched through a reversing solenoid and sent along a laser beam. Star Trek, that old series and the movies, had photon torpedos, maybe proton torpedos or electron torpedos could be useful too.

ryan neelands 4 years ago

Ok well I also have had a thought or two on this idea. Ok say the ship is spherical in shape and is basically a magnetic ord with the capabilty of changing its poles from north to south and back. Ok now similar to how we build roads, railroads and trails, little pieces at a time till one point reaches another. We position grids of magnetic spheres in space with no ability to change poles, but only thrusters to maintain a consistant position. Now essentially spaced out an equal distance from each other enough for the ship to be propelled from one to the next to the next,etc. Where you can only go out as far as the last orb allows you to. Now with space there is no friction, no gravity, no resistance. So I believe with nothing to stop you besides your ships a bility to changes poles to maneuver. Its pretty much constant acceleration through the grid. Making the speed of light, though through a vast series of magnetic orb grids, absolutely theisable. When we finally lose sight of money and finacial gain. We will then realize hopefully, that our "gain" will be to expand our horizions as far as the imagination stretches. This possibility for travel, atleast to me, will hopefully help enable those horizons to be expanded. Thank you everyone, we all thought this one through, together.

noturningback profile image

noturningback 4 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA Author

Hey Ryan, thanks for the comment and true, we have all come together on this one. Thanks again for the expansion of the idea.

frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 4 years ago from Central United States of America

Interesting hub and video. Your dream 'far-fetched'? No, I don't think so...I'm not educated in the technology, but 'opine' that it is already being researched. Wow! Hubble sent us some beautiful portraits, right!

noturningback profile image

noturningback 4 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA Author

Hi frogyfish, right you are, thanks for the nod.

c2m 4 years ago

if planets create me6netics t4en cant we use t4at as a 4arness to space trevel?

noturningback 4 years ago


lol 3 years ago

they do things along this line with space bound telescopes and rovers

noturningback profile image

noturningback 3 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA Author

Really lol, perhaps you could elaborate on that for us either here on this hub or create your own that would expand upon that.

Thanks for the informative comment.

Insane Mundane profile image

Insane Mundane 3 years ago from Earth

We would most likely need to find an alien alloy that could withstand the force from the speed of light, for starters. Perhaps our ability to achieve such a feat, may be unraveled when ZPE (Zero Point Energy) is fully understood and utilized to its utmost potential.

noturningback profile image

noturningback 3 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA Author

Hi Insane Mundane, I have really pondered what you have said and considering the space particles and other debris out there, my only thought would be to create an actual magnetic field outside of the craft.

This would create an electrical field which would repel the particles. My other thought was what kind of media or structure could be used to store and discharge that force. I was thinking an umbrella/parachute shaped structure perhaps made of carbon nanotubes.

I hope that there is work going on in the development of a focused plasma projection device as well.

Thanks for your reply and thoughts.

Insane Mundane profile image

Insane Mundane 3 years ago from Earth

A Star Trek buff could easily say that antimatter is crucial to the functioning of a starship and how there is no more efficient way to power a propulsion system. Antimatter and matter, when they come into contact, can completely annihilate and produce pure radiation, which travels out at the speed of light, but if it isn't "contained," then, well, total destruction will definitely occur. Oh, me, surely there has got to be a better way...

The antimatter containment system is plausible, since it follows the same principle that allows for the storage of antiprotons for long periods of time, etc.

Either way, tapping into the ZPE may be the best way, in my opinion, which could also provide levitation in a whim along with other defiances of gravity, along the way, not to mention a free energy source via the fabric of space, which would be like true galactic travel in a "going green" style, if you will; ha!

Yeah, I've wondered about what type of radar or device or technology would ALSO be required to dodge incoming objects while going at the speed of light.

Ah, one problem at a time, it seems......

Insane Mundane profile image

Insane Mundane 3 years ago from Earth

Oh, I just wrote a quick Hub that was about ZPE, so feel free to stop by when you get a chance, and add your creative input, etc. - especially since this Hub of yours motivated me to write about such stuff; cheers!

noturningback profile image

noturningback 3 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA Author

I will do that IM, thanks for the invite ☺

Jokerjunkiezx10r 2 years ago

I have thought the same idea you have and well obviously decided to see if anyone else has and I had some thoughts I'm by far no expert in electromagnetics but I wonder if maybe there is some kind of medal that well find or make maybe the northern lights are holding a secret are planets got a positive negative charge right so I wonder if there's something that we can mine from the north or south poles where the northern lights are and I Donno if there's lights at the south poke but maybe mine there and see what we find or maybe the lights can be used to charge the electromagnetics but I don't know how any of that stuff works just a thought. Just like the stone henge theory I have how it has a callender in it with more things that basically they say showed past events and future events can be seen like predicting the future and futurama did an episode I thought was odd cuz it could be our universe is on a cycle and it has the Big Bang and then a black hole will basically swollow everything then a Big Bang will happen again everything happens exactally as it did before and it hence déjà vue just like the one files about that dude that's disappeared now but came out and said the u.s. Gov is working with some e.t's and doing expire ya on the human mind with brain recognition and an Eric Von danikens books bout the ancient astronaut theories maybe there's something to all these things and maybe but they say there could be parallel universes maybe there's a way to travel through those. Were going long ways in texhnology now.

noturningback profile image

noturningback 2 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA Author

I sure do agree technology has come very far, I think we are only limited by our imaginations, and by our faith in what we believe.

Thanks for commenting Jokerjunkiezx10r, and I'm not too sure about the Northern Lights influence on space travel, but who knows?

Check out what I found from M.I.T. and Oxford University.

Something to chew on for a while, Star Trek is not an impossibility. Thank you Gene Roddenberry, you were not a scientist, but that did not keep your dreams from being realized.

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