Making A Free Website

Nowadays, it is very simple to create a website using a free service. Many companies offer this service, which makes it easy for anyone to make a website of their own. Simply choose a service like Google or Bravenet and create an account. Once your account has been established, you will be able to make a sub domain (basically a site within a site) from that company's main site. A website can be about whatever you want it to be. You can create a personal page to tell others about yourself, make a family site to keep your relatives up to date on the latest events, or dedicate it to something you enjoy. I have a website through Bravenet that I use to write about classic video games (It can be found at It may give a better idea about what can be done with a free website). You could write about whatever topic you desire. If you enjoy sports, you could make a website dedicated to your favorite sports teams, or offer information on the sport itself.

For those who aren't trained in html code (myself included), many of the companies offer web tools that can help construct a site without learning code. The web tools aren't very difficult to use, and offer a variety of options for designing your site. For those who wish to establish "dot com" websites, many of these same companies offer upgraded sites for a monthly or annual fee. These sites have much more space, and offer a personalized url. Happy site building!


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cekdawg 9 years ago

good, but i can never find a free site

None 9 years ago

Is that free forever?

rocky road lover 9 years ago

thanks for the info!

binky 9 years ago

is this a blog or a site?

Sith Penguin profile image

Sith Penguin 9 years ago Author

its a site.

HRM 9 years ago

I want to creat a free website on Human Resource Management for those who are studying HRM.


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souq 9 years ago from ALOR STAR

very good

El 9 years ago


J.T. profile image

J.T. 9 years ago

yahoo websites are not free they charge your creditcard a monthly fee of 8,95$

and a onetime startup fee, just want to let you know


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DMartelonline 9 years ago

If you're looking for free webhosting and you want to set up your own URL (which costs $90.00 for 5 years) DotEasy.Com does in fact host websites for free.

They have some great features. I have 9 registered websites with them and all I ever pay for is my URL fees (every 5 years).

They have extraordinary customer service as well, even on the free service.

Devin 9 years ago

i really wanna make a website called it gonna be like myspace but better u can make ur own avatar like yahoo but u get to go into this virtual world that u could buy everything free and nice and everythings gonna be nice in place i really want this but i dont wanna pay for it becuz i just want to make a good website thats safe and im gonna have like a test that see's if you ever did a crime are something or how many crimes you did

deadsot 9 years ago

i do to wanna make a website but i dont now how????????!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony Marquis 9 years ago

I didn't realise that Yahoo offerd a free webhosting service at Geocities and also that they supply the editing tools as well.

I may be wrong, but do they put ads on the websites once there made - like Lycos Tripod do?

I myself offer website design and creating videos on my new website. They really are excellent. You may wish to visit the site.

Regards - Anthony

??? 9 years ago

how do i make a web site i mean im not really good at it and i dunno how 2 make all da buttons. Btw is it free all ur life and is every body able 2 get it?

colby 9 years ago

How do i make a web sit to post info and chat to other people? For magic the gathering

Hannah 9 years ago

I Hate it and it is reatarted. I cant do anything on it. It sucks.

Sith Penguin profile image

Sith Penguin 9 years ago Author

the basic sites are free and yes, yahoo does put popup ads on their sites.

MIlky 9 years ago

hi! if you want to have your own websit go to! there you can make one! it's so easy by the way plz visit my wbsite it's

thanks! :D

dude 9 years ago


Sean 9 years ago

....You are all soundin' like little 10 year old boys in girls...I WANNA MAKE A FREE WEBSITE! WOW YOU ARE THE BEST WEBSITE MAKER IN THE WORLD! CAN U HLP ME?! I mean seriously..

marie 8 years ago

i want to make a website aimed for teens and tweens. But i dont know any websites that dont require paying or owning a buissness any suggestions?

vicky 8 years ago

ya me too i need a web site that doesn't cost any money or owning a bisnus any suggestions?

J.K 8 years ago

I need to find a website that is FREE you dont have to pay ANYTHING!

Daniel 8 years ago

JUST GO TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stevie 8 years ago

go to or

Winnie 8 years ago

Is this really a website that is free? I want to make one that is called: well I don't have a name yet but I want to make my own

Co8 profile image

Co8 8 years ago

Great thanks!

Sydney 8 years ago

What you said earlyer was wrong, i went on Yahoo and it said like 85$ a month and money and you said it was free! Like i want to make a website, not a website like Piczo but a good one u know.

Devina 8 years ago

.. Is it able to contain some HTML.. coz i m using it that will be able to contain HTML

Dudes 8 years ago

Is the wetpaint thing a free web where you can make your own web site?

Sith Penguin profile image

Sith Penguin 8 years ago Author

Sydney: it's $8.99 per month for Geocities Pro. The basic Geocities sitebuilder is free, but you don't get dot com status with it.

Devina: you can edit a Geocities site using Yahoo's pagebuilder or by typing html code.

BFFs 8 years ago

Thanks. Is it really free we are just kids don't know too much technical stuff. Just simple and easy is good for us.

Sith Penguin profile image

Sith Penguin 8 years ago Author

BFFs: Yes it is free only if you are using the basic website. Upgrading to a dot com website can range anywhere from $50 to $100 a year.

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pjmart 8 years ago

On a page of my site I have links to different places where you can get stuff for free for your site. Go to . On that page, in the box on the right, I have info on where you can go to make a really free site with no ads!!

pankaj 8 years ago

it s good

erin 8 years ago

idk how to do this can someone help

smilybaby profile image

smilybaby 8 years ago from India

Small but Good Hub here. Thank you.

dylan 8 years ago

um im not sure about this

kafil 8 years ago

realy nice

cooldude 8 years ago

i can never find a website making that is free forever.

but i can recommend Crawldog which is free.

its great for beginners

Manish 8 years ago


Tubes 8 years ago

you can make a free website on

hope this helps

wikinewsite 7 years ago

Any suggestions on how to make a site for free without ads and unlimited and could be formated like facebook? even though it is a subdomain??? Cause i dunno as i cant find it i the net.

Mutua Raphael 7 years ago

I want to make a students' website. I wish it was completely free!

padmanabha 7 years ago

i known where to get free sites everyone go to free making sites there i have made two site for free !!!!!!!!

Md. R 7 years ago


abhinav 7 years ago

wanna to make my own peperonity website

danial786 6 years ago

my brothers make your free website from this website for free dont waste your money this website is excellent you can also learn lots of techniques from this now you dont need to register your domain. register here for free

join this and get your website and also tell others because it is very helpful. don't waste your money

Howy 5 years ago

This website builder works best for me if you are looking for free, just choose the subdomain option when you publish and can create a free blog for your site ad free games and more.

Jarbull 4 years ago

Hey peepz!i got ur is hillarious,please visit.its kul nd free!!njoy

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