Managing time online

Managing time online

Blogging is hard work. If we are good at what we do is essential to have time available and it is essential to manage well this time. When I started blogging I would sit at the computer, visiting other blogs and then looked around to search for it and ended up wasting time doing nothing productive. This includes chatting on the messenger, surf the net without any purpose and still look to television.

But over time I began to focus on me in using the Internet productively. Right now I am unable to be at the computer just to talk to someone on messenger, listen to music or do something that is not productive. I am constantly looking for information on various subjects. Results jump immediately in sight. Now I do not lack subject, I lack is time for that matter.
Furthermore, even the work that occupies me most of the time available. And truth be told, this is reality. Even if you do not work and can devote full time to your blog, sooner or later you will get your turn.

So here are some tips that can help you improve your daily productivity online.

  1. Get a notebook, create a numbered list of points that you want to do. When you do scratch them. In addition to help you organize your days, it may be an interesting article on your blog.
  2. Divide your time for the tasks that have to do. I impose myself not spending more than 20 minutes a day working on an article, if it takes more than that to complete a paper then moves to the next day. Currently joining the time step to create articles and publish them all together gives a total of about two hours daily.
  3. At the end of each day, prepare the tasks for the next day. Remember when you were in school and the night before preparing the bag for the next day to be able to sleep a little more? This is the same. Programming early on helps to better manage time and increases productivity.
  4. All of the statistics of your site. This is a matter of motivation. I confess that I am a little addicted to the statistics of my blogs because refer them 3x a day. The ideal is to compare the statistics in the morning and the day. Thus we can compare the evolution.

Here are some ways that I have to organize my day and be productive. Of course, not always have the time I wanted to create something, and not always take with me to this block but when I take always comes something new to write.
And you, as managing your time?

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