Mass Email

Mass Email

If you are reading this is because you are in a situation that you have to send emails to a lot of contacts, you may already searched on Google and found out that you have to pay for a program that does this for you, right? Wrong!

You can mass mail without paying a penny, and can even use a free email provider such as Gmail, of course, this only works if you have a list of 500 emails or lesser, that's how many emails Gmail let you send daily, or if you are patient you send 500 per day from your contact list.

The program you need is EmailSender, an open source software that lets you import your email list and send emails throw an email provider or from your own ISP, if it allows, for more details check my How to Send Bulk Email With Gmail hub.

If you are building your own email list to send a newsletter and maybe some email marketing campaigns so you can make some money from it, the best alternative is AWeber, and you can test it for only $1 dollar the first month.

If you want to learn more about Email Marketing and AWeber check my Email Marketing hubs:

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