How to Master the Art of CD Burning

How To Master CD Burning

You would be forgiven for thinking that you know how to master cd buring by just mixing of separate audio tracks onto a CD is the final task needed for getting a CD ready for replication.

The fact is that mastering the recording as a whole is actually the last step to producing top quality sound.

The mastering process is the last chance you'll get for any creative input.

When you finally have your master disc is when you will be able to print, replicate and then market it.

There are several steps involved when creating a master CD.

The first step is putting the songs, or tracks at this point in the correct order.

Editing the songs is required as is setting the length of time between tracks.

If you have secret or unlisted songs then these are added at this point as well.

There are several different methods you can use to master a CD.

It's not the cheapest option but many choose to use professional CD mastering engineers which is what many professional musicians decide to do.

Mastering Engineers

Mastering engineers will usually have their own facilities and require much less equipment than a full blown sound studio.

Their gear is specifically designed to getting the most accurate playback of your mix so any errors can be detected and fixed.

Using your own home computer with some mastering software is another option you could consider.

If you're an unsigned musician or are just starting out then this is probably your best option.

Some skill and knowledge will be required as will quality software in order to get a professional sounding mix.

Online CD mastering services are now available with the advancement of Internet technology.

CDs that are mastered online can be great, as instead of sending a mix to a mastering engineer, the mix is instead sent via the Internet.

To do this, you'll need a high speed Internet connection.

The cheapest way to go about mastering a CD is with free mastering.

Artists and musicians may choose to use free mastering programs with demos or other earlier recordings that artists will use to send to major record labels to generate some interest in their music.

A quality mastering job could mean the difference between a professional sounding CD and one that sounds a bit amateurish.

Every song that you hear played on the radio is thoroughly mastered in order to sound better.

Without proper training and experience a professional CD mastering engineer is probably the best way to go for your project.

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