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In this article you will learn step by step how to customize your utorrent and get more download speed. Additionally you will learn how to get more seeds and peers, patching tcpip etc. If you follow this article I am sure you will get a whole new experience of using utorrent.


The Torrent Client

If you do not have a torrent client software then my personal recommendation is utorrent. Visit this page to download the latest utorrent client software.


The speed test

If you are not sure of your download/upload speeds, then visit to run a speed test. The defult Server (golden pyramid) works out
most of the time. Or you can select 2 or 3 different server around you to find out the mean result.

Note down the Download and Upload speed including the unit (e.g kbps/mbps); You will
need them later.

older version

newer version

utorrent Upload Speed Setting

Step 1. Run utorrent. On the utorrent window go to "options" menu then click "Speed Guide". In the newer version of utorrent the option "Speed Guide" has been changed to "Setup Guide".

Speed Guide Dialog Box

Setup Guide Dialog Box

Step 2. The Speed Guide or Setup Guide window will appear. Now the value that we are interested in right now is the result you get from the

Older Version

Newer Version

Step 3. Select your connection type or upload speed from the preset list.

  • Your connection should be near to one of the categories.
  • You can easily select your connection type from the upload speed result you get from the

e.g "xx/384k" means that your download speed unlimited and your upload speed is 384kbps.

  • uTorrent will automatically adjusts the "Affected Settings" area with recommended values for your upload speed.

Step 4. Click on "Use Selected Settings" button. On the newer version click "save&close" button.

The Speed Guide configuring is complete.

Half-open limit fix

Advance Configuration

Step 1. Patching tcpip.sys (Only required for Win XP and Vista. Not needed for Win 7)

  • Half-open limit fix is a good utility to patch tcpip.sys To download it go to (current version 4.2)
  • Download the zip file and extract all files into a folder.
  • Open the folder and right click on Half-open limit fix.exe file then select run as administrator.
  • On the window, first you will see the current half-open connections.
  • Enter 100 in the new value section and the click "add to tcpip.sys"
  • Restart your computer.
  • If something does not work properly and you want to undo the changes then run the software again and then click "Restore original file"

Advanced menu

Step 2. Configuring utorrent

(Use this only if your version is older than 2.x.x)

Now that you have patched the tcpip.sys it is time to configure utorrent.

  • Run utorrent.
  • Click on options then preference.
  • Click on Advanced on the left column.
  • Look for "net.max_halfopen".
  • Change "net.max_halfopen" value to 50 then click set.
  • Now click Ok.
  • Select all the torrent and stop them.
  • After 10 seconds start them and watch the speed.

Note: An asasterisk (*) will appear when something is changed from its defult value.

hash value

confirmation dialoag box

Adding More Tracker

You can add more public tracker to get more seeds and peers.

You can add more trackers in two way.

1.Similar torrents

Follow the below steps to find and add more tracker into a torrent.

  • Select the torrent by clicking on the torrent name.
  • Click on the General tab below.
  • There should be a field labeled Hash near to the bottom with a string of alphanumeric characters.
  • Right-click the string and click Copy.
  • Go to and paste the value into the search box and hit enter.
  • There sould be a few result of particularly that torrent from all the torrent site.
  • Download the torrent from all sites.
  • You will get a pop up box like in the image.
  • Click "yes".
  • Now your torrent will get more seeds and peers.

tracker properties

2. Download public tracker list

  • To get the tracker list go to the link below

  • Download the "public tracker list.txt" file in your computer.
  • Run utorrent.
  • Now right click on the torrent you want to add tracker.
  • Click properties.
  • You will see some trackers under General tab.
  • Copy the text from the file and paste it at the end of previous tracker list.
  • Now click on the tracker tab and check if there is any tracker listed twice. If there is any then remove one by right click on it and then click "Remove Tracker".

You will get much more seeds and peers.

Best Trcker List

This tracker list is my personal favorite. This list contain few tracker but works very good.

Download this tracker list and add them in the torrent properties. Do not replace previous trackers. Add them at the end after a blank line.

If you do not understand anything or have anything to know about please leave a comment or question. Please share your trackers also with us.

Thank you.

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ndc_jha 7 years ago

very nice.............thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BlackLover143 profile image

BlackLover143 7 years ago from Bangladesh

good good...keep it up

dark light profile image

dark light 7 years ago Author

thank u............

DarKZaRrOc 6 years ago

YOU R THe GREATEST............i HAVE Never seen such high speeds in my utorrent.....Thanks.......

DarKZaRrOc 6 years ago

just one doubt.since the max half open connections is now 100 why not set net_maw half open value as 100 or 75

dark light profile image

dark light 6 years ago Author

other 50 half-open remain for web browsing.

soatja 6 years ago

does this tcp thing work????

wish 6 years ago

hi this is setting is even not qworking for me,i get only a max of 15 kbps speed and that too rarely and the torrent fil has a gooid number of seeds

wish 6 years ago


nice 6 years ago

work :D

dark light profile image

dark light 5 years ago Author

for those having problem please stick with me, I will update my guide as soon as possible!!

luckykn1ght 5 years ago

its work my speed is 700kbps O_O not reduced :) PokerFace

bofrs 5 years ago


vicky 4 years ago

i dunno my connection type... plz temme how to find it

Parth 4 years ago


ahmed 4 years ago

my u torrent doesn't get past 512 kb , why ?

reayan 4 years ago

hey guys.. need some advice.. i download a file. using utorrent.. few days later. it bcomes 87%.. then i add a tracker in the middle of downloading..

the question is.. it can affect the files you download? it is possible the files will become corrupt?

Vos 4 years ago

Pumping getting 4.480kb/s

RS 4 years ago

I've followed all the steps, and have more trackers on my list now. But I don't see my downloads going any faster. Have I missed something?

asrar 4 years ago

thnx a lot bro....

Danish 4 years ago

After I followed the steps it's speed increased but when I added trackers it became slow again... :)

vijay raina 4 years ago

before my download speed is 2kb/s . after i updating the above settings my download speed is 12kb/s . how can i increase the speed for atleast 100kb/s . my facebook mail id - , if u have any answer just message me PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

abdul wakeel malik 4 years ago

very nice.............thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx a lot very helpful

AZ 4 years ago

thanks! upgrade my download speed to 150kbps!

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rabbithd 4 years ago

A new one udp://

receivetipstricks profile image

receivetipstricks 3 years ago from Jaipur,India


Don't leach ..

DATALOAD profile image

DATALOAD 3 years ago from Michigan

I knew I could add trackers, I just wasn't sure how. Thanks for the information.

AvineshP profile image

AvineshP 3 years ago from Chandigarh

Great hub, can be really helpful for the users. Keep posting such informative hubs.

Cheers !!

phtech profile image

phtech 3 years ago from Idaho Falls, ID

Pretty good hub. I've used uTorrent for a while and have used a few of these tricks. You should write a hub about how to download torrents anonymously if you haven't already.

TOPTENTECH profile image

TOPTENTECH 3 years ago from USA

Thanks for this great idea. I can't wait to try it out.

Sample 2 years ago

Am a S -class utorrent user, am going through the comment and I see that ppl using certain settings getting 150kbs, personally I think your speeds is incredible slow, with perfect settings matching for utorrent, average speed should be 2.2mb/sec. I top like 9mbs a sec, downloading a full season in 10mins and movies or 1gb files in 2mins or less. So congrats to the utorrent team, awesome job!

krishna 2 years ago

Thanks man

yo bro 2 years ago

"Copy the text from the file and paste it at the end of previous tracker list." so cud u pls tell me what u meant by the previous tracker list

Mizta 2 years ago

You are the best foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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