Media Center PC

If you are looking for a media center pc there are a few models you can choose from. The HTPC Origen series manufacturers several models of the PCs designed with full media capabilities. The systems come with the new technology of the Windows 7 operating system. You can choose between the 32 or 64 bit programs. The systems also come with a fully integrated security program such as McAfee or Norton. The systems also come complete with Blu-Ray technology that can read and write to Blu-Ray discs. The systems come with HDMI and are full HD 1080p ready.

The 22 speed DVD-RW SATA drive allows you to watch DVDs that use the latest in video technology without having any problems. The advantage to using a full range media pc is that you can access all of your media in one convenient location. Not only do the high tech machines play videos with the latest technology they can also be integrated into camera systems as well. With the available card readers on the units you can use any type of digital card that your camcorder or camera uses to transfer your photos.

Microsoft Media Center PC
Microsoft Media Center PC

Being able to transfer and view your photos on the computer means you also have access to any image rendering software you might have. This makes editing and printing of your photos very easy. This is further enhanced with the multimedia software included in the Windows package. With programs such as Windows Movie Maker, you can easily turn your personal photo collection into a slide show presentation. All the new computer systems are designed to work with today’s high definition televisions as well. You can generally plug them in using an S Video connector. You could create your slide show and show it to the family via your own home television set.

The audio on the media center pc is also state of the art having Bluetooth capabilities and compatible with mp3 players, iPods and even some cell phones. The benefit of choosing a computer system that has the multimedia functions is that you can interchange the system with just about any high tech device that is currently available today. This makes the unit very user-friendly because you can download all your music and videos on one convenient system for export to as many other devices as you want. These computer systems have really become the master control centers for all the audio and video there is.


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