Micromax MMX 310G Modem review


As 3G becomes more popular and cheaper, more and more people will start using these usb modems simply because of the advantages they give. They are cheaper and more flexible than other wireless internet options like Tata photon. But with so many 3G USB modems in the market, at such different price ranges - Its very difficult to choose. 

Micromax is one of the more popular brands, they have a few models,but here we will review the Micromax MMX 310G which is a very popular modem from their lineup. It supports all 3G and 2G networks, so you can try which works best for you or change your provider according to your needs. It also has a micro SD slot, so if you have a spare one, you can use the SD card as a pen drive too.

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BHARAT 5 years ago


rajan1311 profile image

rajan1311 5 years ago from bangalore, India Author

many people get 3G speeds even on a 2G plan...

I have tried only vodafone 2G and Airtel 2G on my MMX 310G, I get around 100kbps, which is OK for browsing,but nothing more...try the trick I have said in the article, maybe it will work for you too.

imran 5 years ago

how to unlock this modem

rajan1311 profile image

rajan1311 5 years ago from bangalore, India Author

its unlocked for any 2G sim, i have used it with airtel, bsnl and vodafone 2G and it works ok.....as for 3G i have tried only BSNL, will try airtel 3G too and let you know...

avi 5 years ago

ya it gives 3g speed in price of 2g.i have tried this using bsnl2g sim.Just i do is that i check the network mode in settings menu to UMTS and taht's it.

now the modem reads our sim as 3g.

rajan1311 profile image

rajan1311 5 years ago from bangalore, India Author

yep, works like a charm....but does the same trick work for other providers as well ?

koustav 3 years ago

i can use micromax mmx 310G modem in micromax p275??????????????

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