Microsoft Reclusa Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Review

Most gamers have different needs for keyboards compared to standard users. Performing a certain combination that can be linked to one key press can mean the difference between winning in an online match or failing miserably. Ghosting keys which is common in standard keyboards also presents a problem, as any gamer knows using WASD to move and have the keys not respond immediately can spell death for even the most hardened players.

For this reason, The Microsoft illuminated keyboard known as the Reclusa is the perfect addition to any gaming arsenal. There is absolutely zero input lag even when hitting multiple buttons. This means using the WASD keys to move gets you where you're going without a fraction of a second for the keyboard to respond to dual input.


The keyboard illumination also has several levels, so you can comfortably change how bright it is for play sessions during daylight or night hours. This is a great feature for strategy gamers who are learning a new game and are not yet used to the macro keys that are available along the sides.

Another great addition to this Microsoft USB keyboard is the fact that it includes a jog dial instead of mere up and down buttons. This dial allows you to precisely set the volume of whatever game or program you happen to be listening to without the need to hold down a button for several seconds such as with traditional keyboards.

The software that is included with the keyboard is easy to set up and provides gamers with five different profiles to use in games. For gamers that frequently play the same games, these profiles can be customized to perform five different actions on the fly for the ultimate control while gaming.

Other technical aspects of they keyboard include a detachable wrist rest for those who prefer to have their wrists flat against their typing surface. The USB docking area in the back is also set up to provide maximum comfort for attaching devices, which makes this keyboard an overall great utility to have for any gamer.

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tedcampbell2792 profile image

tedcampbell2792 5 years ago from NY

Hmm, i'm liking this keyboard. I can hook up the USB to my laptop, right?

Draanor profile image

Draanor 5 years ago Author

Yeah of course, most keyboards can be used on either a laptop or desktop computer. Its just that using a keyboard with a laptop can be inconvenient if you're always on the go, but in the case of my gaming laptop (18.5") a keyboard is good because I hardly move it.

tedcampbell2792 profile image

tedcampbell2792 5 years ago from NY

Great information. I have a 17" MacBook Pro and use it as my primary pc right now, so the keyboard would be perfect!

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