Mitel 5320 IP Phone

Mitel 5320 IP Phone
Mitel 5320 IP Phone

Enterprise-Class IP Phone

The Mitel 5320 IP Phone demonstrates Mitel’s commitment to ease of use and enhanced user value, while delivering innovative features and applications. This full-featured, enterprise-class telephone provides a large graphics display with eight multifunction, programmable, self-labeling keys, three intuitive soft keys, ten telephony function hard keys, and a built-in HTML player for desktop applications.

5320 IP Phone Features and Benefits

  • Large, Self-Labeling Display - Removes the need for paper labels which allows for easier user customization and easier maintenance for moves, adds and changes. All this adds up to cost savings.
  • HTML Player - Access to applications and enhanced functionality for vertical market customisation accomplished with easy integration with telephony functions.
  • Teleworker Support - Users can work remotely while utilizing all of the phone features that are used in an enterprise setting making this an economical teleworker phone.
  • Multifunction Programmable Keys - Provide enhanced productivity by allowing customers to easily customize their phone with access to line appearences, speed dials and other commonly used telephony functions at users' fingertips.
  • UC Express and UC Advanced Support - Allows users to manage and control their desktop communications simply and effeciently benefitting from productivity features such as click-to-dial, caller ID pop-up and presence indication.

If you are looking for a more powerful or backlit phone, you may want to check into the 5330, 5340 or 5360 IP phones. However, the Mitel 5320 IP Phone is a perfect entry level display phone for your business for the employee who may not necessarily be a heavy phone user.

Self-labeling Mitel 5320 IP Phone
Self-labeling Mitel 5320 IP Phone

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Anna Giglio 5 years ago


Can you please guide me on which hands free models are compatible with the Mitel 5320 model.

Thank you


hsjessie profile image

hsjessie 5 years ago from Midwest, USA Author


The 5320 offers a full duplex handsfree speakerphone, but I think your question is more for a cordless device.

Mitel's integrated cordless handset and headset are unfortunately only available on the Mitel 5330, 5340 and 5360 IP Phones.

However, Plantronics offers a wide range of cordless headsets that are compatible with this model. I have heard good reviews of the CS and SupraPlus series. I have also heard that while these headsets are compatible, they may require a quick disconnect cord to function properly. This cord is also available from Plantronics.

Please let me know if you need anymore help.


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