How to Change Your Service/Network Provider Without Changing Your Number - Pan-India Mobile Number Portability

Wanted to change your mobile phone company, but couldn't because you wanted to retain your number. Now to our rescue comes the mobile number portability which was introduced by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). TRAI is the regulating authority which on behalf of the Department of Telecom keeps check on the mobile phone operators in India.

One thing to keep in mind is that the feature only applies to cell phone users and not fixed lines. For example, a number such as 9322xxxxxx with the service operator of Reliance can be changed to a service of Airtel retaining the same number. This feature does not apply as a whole to company, it only applies to mobile phone operators. Like a fixed line from Airtel cannot be changed to a fixed line of say, Reliance.

Mobile number portability is a feature which many countries around the world already have. Countries such as Brazil, Denmark, Germany and many others started this facility way back. In India, the process of changing your service operator can take up to 7 days (more for Northeast states and Jammu Kashmir, as much as 15 days). On the other hand many developed and not so developed countries make this process within few hours. We can avail this service by paying Rs 19 while our counterparts from around the world can avail this service free of charge.

Change your operator without changing your number.
Change your operator without changing your number.

Reasons for Changing Your Operator

  • You may like to switch from post-paid to pre-paid.
  • You may want to switch from CDMA to GSM. This is the reason why I changed my number. I was awaiting MNP from so many days. The handsets which GSM has on offer are vast. You have so many to choose from, Nokias, Samsungs and not to forget those fancy out-of-this-world Chinese made cell phones (joke intended).
  • You feel that your service provider does not have proper network coverage or there is limited network at your home/office.
  • Your operator does not have usage plans that suits you.
  • Also, the recent Supreme court judgement which cancelled licenses of operators such as Uninor etc. can be a reason for you to change your provider while retaining your number. If this concerns you then you should take steps to retain your number. The supreme court has given a total of 40 days to the government from its judgement to cancel all the licenses and re-allocate the spectrum. There can also be chances that your provider's license got cancelled and they got it re-issued when the government re-allocates it. So, you never know if the judgement will affect you or not. Consider your choices smartly.
  • There can be many different reasons that may concern you and finally, you have decided to change your operator. But there are few important points to remember if you are going ahead and changing your number.

Across State Portability

Starting May 3, 2015 you can keep your same number even if you change your cities. For example, suppose you move from Bangalore to Mumbai then you need not change your number. TRAI has advised all the operators to comply with pan-India mobile number portability.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

  • If you recently bought a new number then the number cannot be changed within 90 days. Also if you availed the feature of MNP and further want to change your number to another operator. Then there has to be a gap of 90 days. Any which way there has to be a gap of 90 days before you can once again apply for MNP.
  • If you like you can also retain the technology that you are using. For example, present CDMA to new CDMA operator or present pre-paid to new pre-paid operator.
  • If you are a prepaid customer, then use all the balance before applying for mobile number portability. This is because all the balance becomes unusable once you change your service provider.
  • If you are thinking that you can change your service provider even if you have existing dues. Then, think again because your application to do so will get rejected. Pay all the bills and apply for MNP.
  • As I said, one has to pay Rs. 19 to avail this facility. Not a hefty amount though.
  • The process should take at the maximum 7 days. TRAI has made it mandatory for operators to make the process hassle-free for customers. One such thing is that your number will only dead for about 2 hours, that too, at the nighttime.
  • Always give thorough considerations and then decide to avail this facility. Wrong choices will further aggravate your problem.

One trick that I would like to give here, if you are not satisfied with your present operator. Then call-up the customer service number and tell the representative that you will change the operator and cite your problems. This may work, may not work. Just give it a try, you waited so much time, wait some more time and see if it works.

If you have made your mind to change your present operator to any other operator then follow this steps.

How to change your Mobile Phone Operator

TRAI has made the process of changing your operator fairly very simple. As a customer, you just have to take a few steps to change your service provider.

Step 1) Send an SMS to 1900 in following format: PORT followed by your number - eg. PORT 9322xxxxxx.

Step 2) You will get a SMS reply that contains a unique porting code (UPC). UPC will be valid only for few days. UPC is an 8-digit alpha-numeric code. If you lost track then send another SMS to get your new UPC. The expiry date of the UPC will also be mentioned.

Step 3) Visit the nearest service center of the new operator for which you are applying.

Step 4) Fill the required Customer Aquisitin Form (CAF) and submit your documents.

Step 5) You will get a new SIM card. Just follow the instructions given by your operator.

A Happy Customer - Courtesy Mobile Number Portability

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Nirusha 14 months ago

Thank u for ur u told for portability it costs only 19 rs...Then why these people are charging 100rs for portability..

bkash 16 months ago

I am using reliance gsm but there no network in my village I want to change this into idea , how can i do plz help me

rajesh 17 months ago

I am a customer of aircel network and I want to change my operator to idea without changing number

SKS 18 months ago

Excellent article.

Divakar 18 months ago

Change my number idea to uninor network change this is my idea number 7036868466 plzz chenge my network thanks u

shaik 19 months ago

Not coming network

nilesh pathak 19 months ago

There is some problem in my sim card,so l take a new micro sim.can my old number remains

ankita singh 19 months ago

I am using uninor card I don't want to change no. only operator.

So please tell me how to change it.

AMRITA ROY 19 months ago

Docomo 2G network is very poor and slowdown,2ndly you have no 3G providor,so I want to be changed network for 3G speed.I want to preffer for aircel.

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 22 months ago from Mumbai Author

@Chinmay Yes now you can retain your number even if you change your circle.

Chinmay 22 months ago

Thanks mate, this is really helpful.. I has shifted from Thane to Mumbai and the new update means that I can change my number from Maharashtra Circle to Mumbai circle without having to change my Operator : Vodafone.

Is the date you have mentioned confirmed? 3 May..?

Daniel Dhayanithi. D 22 months ago

I want to change my Reliance CDMA Network to Virgin because of better services.Is it possible in same HAIER Mobile?

karthik 23 months ago

Sir am karthk my mobile number 9159605657 Vodafone so want to change MNP aircel network so i need kanchipuram aircel office contact details address

shilu 23 months ago

I am using uninor card I don't want to change no. only operator.

So please tell me how to change it.

Kazi.Sujauddin 24 months ago

i have a reliance gsm please say me how to change my reliance net work to airtel no network to my village Valod,Di.Tapi Last 8 days gone already please send me my email is

please send me uargent.....

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 2 years ago from Mumbai Author

@Shiva No you cannot change your service circle. In future there might be some solution for this but as of now you can't.

Shiva 2 years ago

I am using vodafone number (delhi)

& i want it to be convert in any network in Mumbai , is it possible ?

If yes then how..?


no signal in my room inside vskp to much problem 2 years ago

I want to change my airtel mobile number to vodafone . already port my airtel port ID is av to done this ?

Abhishek 2 years ago

have changed my 2 aircel mobile number to airtel portablility from my number to other two number if i contact it is saying does not exist

k.raju 3 years ago

Airtel Sim change at bsnl

khader 3 years ago

i have a reliance gsm please say me how to change my reliance net work to airtel please send me my email is

please send me uargent.....

prince 3 years ago

can i do portability from TATA INDICOM (CDMA) TO UNINOR

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 3 years ago from Mumbai Author

@sethu Please get in touch with the local Airtel centre, I'm sure they will help you resolve your problem.

sethu 3 years ago

i have changed my 3 aircel mobile number to airtel portablility from my number to other two number if i contact it is saying does not exist

bala 4 years ago

my number not fancy

RAMAN 4 years ago

Can i port, docomo TO vodafone Is that any problem vil cum?? help me guys!!!!!!!!11

Vipin V 4 years ago

Recently when 2g auction was held, my videocon SIM (mumbai circle) is not getting any signal. This is affecting me, i am unable to communicate. I want to retain my number. How will I do it now? I am unable to send SMS for the portability code, as there is no signal.

Rahul 4 years ago

Does works Tata Docomo CDMA chip in Vergine CDMA Mobile ?

raju 4 years ago

mera bsnl ke number ko port kar raha hoo lakin upc code mujhe nahi mil paa raha kyo

Pranav 4 years ago

pLZZ tell me how to convert and Rel. cdma to rel. gsm..!

salman qureshi 4 years ago

i have a huge network problem of rel-gsm in ma office.............

Bharat Panaskar 4 years ago

My card is a govt. airtel card . The plan of Rs 995 recharge was giving the validity of a year and atalk time of RS380 is stoped without notification . Only for validity Rs 200 per month is not affordable.I want to change this to the best facility with a normal card.

Gopal Chandra Bawali 4 years ago

I want to change my Airtel mobile number to Reliance CDMA.I already port my Airtel number.My port ID is AV 381988.How to i done this?

anup biswas 4 years ago

can i port.. virgin to docomo..? i am very much confuse becouse both are tata teleservice

Arnold Bond 4 years ago

So now, how do i change from bsnl to reliance online ? Thanks.

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

@Rohini Sorry for the late reply but yes the status remains the same.

Rajesh Jangra 5 years ago

This information is vital for the mobile users. It help to widen our circle and network with new possibilities.

Rohini 5 years ago

I have a vodafone Mumbai cell no, and would like to retain if I move to Bangalore. According to your article, this is not possible, right? Just wanted to reconfirm, current status on this issue.

jadav mihir 5 years ago

it's very goog srvice

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

Hey, thanks Anamika for your valuable comment and glad it helped.

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

That was helpful! I have a virgin mobile number which I have wanted to change to vodafone because of better services. Thanks for the Hub!Voted up!

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