ColdFusion: Monitor Hard Drive Space And Email Alert

Coldfusion: Monitor and Alert on Low Disk Space

I've been using Adobe Coldfusion since 1999. Everyday, I still learn something new about it's capabilities. There is so much that I have not seen and there is so much that I have seen. Also, there are many ways to have Coldfusion perform and function as needed. Just like everyday task we encounter, you decide on the best solution for you.

Sample Code:

This sample, displays the space and checks to make sure it doesn't fall below 5gigs. If so, it will send out an email notificaion.

Once you have tested your coldfusion snippet. Schedule it with the ColdFusion administrator to run as often as needed.

<cfset fileOb = createObject("java", "").init("d:/")>

<cfset freespace= #numberformat(fileOb.getUsableSpace(),'9999999999999')#>

<cfif #freespace# LT '5000000000'>

FROM="any mail"
TO="any email"



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