The Motorola Xoom Smart Tablet PC with Android 3.0 is Worth Buying

Motorola Xoom Smart Tablet
Motorola Xoom Smart Tablet | Source

Is the Motorola Xoom Worth Buying?

The Xoom (pronounced ZOOM) is powerful, has a big screen, loads of features, and comes loaded with Android 3.0.

But is the XOOM worth buying?

Motorola Xoom and Android 3.0 Video Demo

Motorola Xoom Specs
Motorola Xoom Specs

Why the XOOM Features Rock!

First of all, the Xoom uses the Android 3.0 holographic 3D user interface, which is specifically designed for Tablet PCs.

The Xoom is upgradeable to 4G LTE and has a fast dual-core processor and a very nicely sized 10.1" screen with 1200x800 resolution, which immediately puts netbooks to shame.

Fantastic 5 Mega Pixel cameras on front and back allow you to take HD quality images and video.

A Demo of the Motorola Xoom Tablet PC

The Motorola Xoom for Vorizon
The Motorola Xoom for Vorizon | Source

Will you buy the Motorola XOOM?

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SusanVillasLewis profile image

SusanVillasLewis 5 years ago from Texas

And given Apple's recent new rules regarding book purchases, I'm inclined to not purchase anymore mobile products from them. Hubby loves his Android-based phone. Don't see why we won't love an Android tablet!

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