Multi-threading iMacros for firefox

Multi-threading iMacros for firefox

iMacros is a really useful firefox addon for creating bots fast and easy. If you are creating a website bot then you will probably want it to use a proxy list. However changing the proxy in one instance of firefox will change it in all others as well, this makes any bot slow and usually non effective. There is a trick however that you can use that will let you run as many instances of firefox all with their own proxies without any problems.

What you need to do go to the Start button and choose the Run utility( if you are running Windows 7 type “run” and it will show up). In the Run utility type “firefox –P” and press enter.

You will see a window similar to the window below the only difference is that yours will have only the “default” user. What you need to do is to go and click “Create profile”. Create as many profiles as the number of instances(threads) you need. I suggest naming them iMacro1, iMacro2, ...

After you create all the profiles you need, to open an instance called iMacro for example which will keep its own proxies and settings what you need to do is go to again go to the run utility and type “firefox -P iMacro -no-remote”. This will open a new instance of Firefox. If you need to open another instance using a profile called iMacro2 you again go to run and type “firefox -P iMacro2 -no-remote”, you can do this with as many instances as the number of profiles you created.

When you run an instance on a fresh (new) firefox profile you will notice that no addons are installed in this window of firefox. This is because this tells to Firefox it is a different user with different settings, so you will need to re-install iMacros and any other addons you need for each instance.

If you don’t want to have to go to the run utility every time and type the “firefox -P iMacro -no-remote” you can do the following trick. Copy the shortcut of firefox that you have on your desktop and paste it there. Right-click on the new shortcut and click on properties, choose the shortcut tab go to the Target text bot and add the following “-P iMacro –no-remote” option outside the quotes as in the picture bellow.

Hope this guide has helped you in multi-threading iMacros for Firefox, if you have any questions ask me using the comments box bellow.

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Syed Nayab Bukhari 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing.. i can lot of help.. thanks again

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christoss1959 5 years ago from Manchester Author

Glad you like it Syed.

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