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Some Musical Internet Experiences

For some reason, when I visit areas on the Internet, I end up listening to and finding new artists or bands. Sometimes it's intentional and sometimes I stumble upon something dreamy and brilliant that I never intended to discover. Here are only a couple, in my humble opinion, musical masterminds that I've found via the Internet.

1. Those that know me will not be surprised that I mention 'Owl City', but they might not know how I learned about his music even before he was popular and before his well-known hit 'Fireflies'. It was the summer after I had graduated college in December of 2007 and I was still looking for a job online. So, I was searching for jobs and filling out lots of applications. I wanted music to entertain me while I was doing those mundane tasks. Also, I had developed a taste for electronic music and wanted to find a specific band that I could listen to in that genre. While listening to a playlist on someone's Myspace page, I came across 'Owl City'. I ventured my way to the artists' own Myspace. Later, I learned that it was essentially a one-man band comprised of Adam Young from Owatonna, Minnesota. I continued to follow his endeavors online and watch his success. I finally saw him live in Atlanta in the fall of 2010. I was greatly looking forward to his second signed album that is called 'All Things Bright and Beautiful'. I was not disappointed in his sophomore release and I will continue to watch his success grow as the years go by.

2. I found Breanne Duren from 'Owl City's music on Myspace. I discovered that she lent her back up vocals for some of his songs, such as one of my favorites called 'Saltwater Room'. Her high-pitched, clear yet jazzy voice sounded beautiful with or without a synthesizer. Then I went to Breanne's own Myspace page and enjoyed her own music, such as her song 'Warm Water'. It is soulful but does not have much meaning in its lyrics. It does contain a calming sound and visionary lyrics. She has been compared to Adele, a more well-known pop, soul, and jazz singer. I was able to see Breanne Duren live as a back up singer for 'Owl City' in the fall of 2010 as well. Since then, she has appeared in a few magazines, released an EP, and is now traveling with 'Owl City' again for his summer tour.

Latest Owl City Music Video

Current Breanne Duren Video

Sites to Find Music

1. Myspace is a great place to find up and coming musical artists, bands, and individual songs. After going to, click on the 'music' link at the top and then type in a song, artist, or band in order to find music. Also, there are featured playlists and artists on the music page to check out. Once you've found music you can click the plus sign besides songs on band's pages in order to add them to personal playlists you can create and display on your own Myspace page.

2. Youtube is another wonderful venue for finding new music. After typing in your favorite music in the search box, look to the right side of the page to see related material. This can lead you in your search of similar music.

3. Facebook is another easy place to start to find artists on the verge of becoming popular. You can look at your friends' pages to see what bands they have liked and are interested in.

4. is a site worth mentioning. You can see what artists are topping the charts and find popular music of the moment. You can also narrow down the listings by choosing what categories of music you want to see the charts for.

5. and are, of course, optimum tools to locate featured artists and up and coming bands.

6. Pandora and Jango are two sites that one uses to create their own music station. By typing in a song, band, or artist, they will automatically start to play songs based on that criteria. To adjust, a user just clicks the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons to give feedback for each song. Subsequent songs are then played based on this information. Users can also click on premade stations by their friends or stations determined by a certain type of music, such as jazz, rock, or electronic music. This is a great way to be randomly introduced to different styles, songs, and artists.

Youtube Video About Finding Music Online

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Comments 14 comments

5 years ago

I really like Owl City's rendering of 'In Christ Alone'. Excellent.

Ebower profile image

Ebower 5 years ago from Georgia Author

I love it also. :)

J.S.Matthew profile image

J.S.Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

I never heard that rendering but I enjoy Owl City!


Ebower profile image

Ebower 5 years ago from Georgia Author

It's always good to learn of a fellow Owl City fan! Thanks for your comment. :)

5 years ago

Just been listening to Owl City's 'Angels'. Sounds like 'soft rock' church bells!

Ebower profile image

Ebower 5 years ago from Georgia Author

I really like that song! Good description; lol.

profile image

naturalsolutions 5 years ago

All the songs of Owl City is great, like vanilla twilight and fireflies. I like their music so much.

Well i am a regular billboard visitor, i always check the latest music and top list of them. Billboard is a place for a music lover.

5 years ago

Wow, I was just re-reading this; was it only in June of this year that Owl City was released?

Re. soft rock, this is a genre you like, then, I guess?

Ebower profile image

Ebower 5 years ago from Georgia Author

naturalsolutions: Thanks for your comment. I like Owl City as well, but it is actually a one man band (Adam Young). Instrumentalists only tag along when Owl City is on tour. Thanks for reading!

f: Yes, it was just released last summer. I think I liked the part of your description that said 'church bells' better. I would describe the genre of Owl City to be alternative electronic rock rather than 'soft rock', but that's just my opinion. Yes, I rather like this kind of music: incoporating various instruments including electronic and more traditional ones.

5 years ago

I see; kind of electro-pick-and-mix ...

Ebower profile image

Ebower 5 years ago from Georgia Author


5 years ago

Phrase sounds okay then (smile)?


Ebower profile image

Ebower 5 years ago from Georgia Author

Yes, a very accurate description for his music.

5 years ago

Oh well, I guess I figured it a bit. Blessings.

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