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Android is the top selling platform for mobile devices these days. Android becomes so popular because of the availability of several thousand applications in Android Play Store and more interesting part is that about 65% of the applications are free. Most mobile phone vendors ship their phones with necessary applications but they may include specific to each ones need. So here are top applications for multiple categories.

Top Launcher applications for Android

Top vendors like HTC, Samsung have their own customized interfaces like HTC have Sense and Samsung have Touchwiz but the launchers in phones do not have a customization features. So their are several launchers in Android Play store to rescue.

GO Launcher EX: This launcher is best looking and a lot of customization features are available in it. It can be installed on any Android 2.0 or later Android device. You can use several widgets and lock screen to match with launcher. It isn't not enough. There are several themes available to apply to this launcher.

Nova launcher (For ICS only): Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) goes through a major interface change and it looks awesome. Nova launcher is available for Android 4.0 and is better than its competitor Apex launcher. It looks same as stock ICS launcher but gives some pretty customizing options like better transitions, multiple Home screens and Gestures. These features make it must have application on a Android 4.0 device.

Top web Browsers

Dolphin Browser HD: It is free browser with gesture support and easy tab management. It is much similar to Google Chrome. It is faster and user agent switching is available to view desktop webpages.

Opera mini: Recently every telecom operator moved to a limited data connection. If you use lot of multimedia sites and don't want to cross the limit data limit before 30 days then Operamini can help you. It can compress web pages upto 90% to save a lot of bandwidth and page loading lime.

Top Music player

Winamp: it is most likely that Winamp is your favorite player on your Windows or Mac machine. It is also available for Android with same features and feel. It supports syncing data between multiple devices.

Poweramp: It is powerful music player which can play every track without caring about format. It have 10 band equalizer to adjust bass and treble. you can use a poweramp widget at your home screen to pause or play music.

Top video/movie player

MX player: It is most flexible video/movie player for Android. It can play almost any multimedia file. It can play flv, webm, mp4, h264 and mkv files. It will most likely play the HD videos if your device have good hardware specifications. It supports hardware decoding for maximize playback time and save battery.

Mobo Player: It is good alternative to mx player. It is available for free without advertising. It also can play almost any multimedia file. It looks prettier than MX to explore and watch videos.

Dictionary and reference applications

Merriam-Webster: We might not get meaning of some word in some situation. So Merriam-Webster dictionary is always with us to help. It have several hundred thousand words to make it best offline dictionary for Android. A sentence is given with every word to make sure how to use it along with Synonyms and Antonym..

Instant messenger

imo: imo is free multi-protocol instant messenger. It supports Facebook, MSN, AIM, Skype, Google Talk,Jabber and MySpace. It have nice and clean user interface. Video chat and file sharing is also supported.

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rajeelkp 4 years ago from india

You forgot Goggles and NDrive. They are pretty great

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Thanks for addition...

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