My Amaysim Experience


I was impressed! That is probably the best way to summarise it. Over the past two weeks I have been testing my Amaysim prepaid sim card and here is my assessment: the process of ordering and paying for the sim card online was easy, the communication informative and the installation and use of the sim card a breeze.

When it comes to ordering, the only minor issue I encountered was that their website defaults to purchasing their postpaid plan rather than prepaid (postpaid comes with the same pricing but the billing is monthly rather than prepaid).

Once ordered, I received a few emails telling me that the sim was on its way and within a few days it arrived. What was really great was that it was active, so all I needed to do was install it into my phone and off we went. For the everyday user, this is the ideal situation.

During the week of my trial I made calls, sent txts and even accessed the net. Accessing the net required that I call their CallCentre to receive instructions, which was also a good experience and they didn't keep me waiting very long late on a Friday evening.

After a week of calls and other activity I reviewed my spend and found the following:

Call Duration Cost
1 192 secs 60c
2 158 secs 45c
3 278 secs 75c
4 112 secs 30c
5 371 secs $1.05
Total 18.51 mins $3.15
Average 17c per min

Just something to be aware of when it comes to their billing, they charge for a full minute even if you only speak for part of it. The average cost per minute for my calls was 17c, as opposed to their advertised 15c per minute.

In managing my calls, I used the online service Amaysim offers and could check my calls online. Note that records are delayed by a few days.

Amaysim uses the Optus network. Enjoy.


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