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Luciano Bove - To become a car designer has benn an Act of Love
Luciano Bove - To become a car designer has benn an Act of Love | Source

When I received TEDx invitation from Italian Turin TEDx based team I could not believe at my eyes, I was happy and scared at the same time because not sure if I could be able to do it.

I did not know if I was prepared enough to really participate to such important event. I went to check on Youtube several TEDx Talks videos and after a whle I told myself : why not? This is the type of opportunities come once in life...so let's try it! I wrote back to TEDxCrocetta in Turin and accepted.

I wanted to tell about the passion and love I had and still have for my job as car designer and how those aspects helped me in life since I left my country to go to study Transportation Design in California at Art Center College of Design. I wanted to tell about the people supported me during this adventure: my parents in primis for their emotional affective and economical help, myself for my personal responsible engagement to accomplish my dream and mission, my ex girlfriend for her support while loving each others and our living experience as students far away from our families, I wanted to tell about my sharing & giving to young design passionates about my experience once I started to work as a designer.

My teaching in design schools, my tips and suggestions with my blog "Car Design Education Tips", my seminars and workshops in design schools and conferences.

Most of all I wanted to tell how important is to try to make an extra step in life in order to accomplish a difficult task!

Luciano Bove
Luciano Bove | Source

The Extra Step

Several times, when I go to visit Design Schools or participate to workshops or when I am interwieved, I talk about "how I became a car designer".

I tell about the technical aspects to accomplish such a mission: design school criteria search and selection, entry portfolio quality, importance of drawing well, self motivation, passion & talent.

At TEDx I wanted to tell the untold story about my experience which is a more personal one, it is about the love I put into it daily and also love given to me by my parents, family, friends, my entourage because in order to make an Extra Step in life it happens thanks also to our closest people those that really care for us.

To make an Extra Step is like being at a train station rail and standing we see a train passing by at high speed. Suddenly the all scene goes into slow motion and watching that train we see it passing by us with doors open. In that precise instant we have to decide if to jump in or not!

The courage, motivation, hope for a better future, our mission, our focus in life. The game is into that particular instant, we play probably a better course of our life taking that decision. And we must act and not waste that rare opportunity.

For me it was when I left from my South Italian village to got to Caliifornia to attend Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. It was also when , after 11 years at Fiat Design Center, I moved to France for a great career move at Renault Design Center changing Country, language, culture, company & also life. It was when my kids were born for sure my best Act of Love ever made thanks to my ex wife,too.

In my real story I also talked about the Missing Extra Step, the not made one which is reffered to my personal sentimental liife. I guess it is about the price to pay for being a car designer on the move with the high risk to move again changing again Country and culture.

Who is really willing to follow? It is not a matter of loving and being loved, it is about making an extra step I am ready to make but probably not the other person...I must accept it, that is how it is!

I know, I know I think that it is always better to try and even fail than not trying...but that is me.

All TEDxCrocetta Speakers
All TEDxCrocetta Speakers | Source

TEDx Agenda of the day

It all started Sunday 25th of May around 2 PM, rdv at Gobetti's Theatre in Turin Italy. All 8 speakers including me arrived at the time and went directly on stage to check our presentations and sound microphone...after that we had a sort of coffee starter break to get to know each others and also to meet the arriving public (around 200 peoples).

The speakers were in order of appearence:

Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi an Entrepreneur that is helping Startups in the Go to Market Phase and he is based in Turin.

Giovanna Loccatelli is a freelance Italian journalist based in Cairo.

Mario Tozzi was born in Rome in 1959. When he was young he appreciated a lot both scientific and humanistic issues he is a geologist.

Massimo Sirelli was born in 1981 in Catanzaro. During his youth he approached the visual arts through graffiti and street art, in 2003 he graduated at IED of Turin.

The Maniaxxx are an Italian band from Turin since 2009. Experimental music sounds and groove.

Ioanna Merope Ippiotis was born on the Greek island of Lesvo, she is a translator for La Stampa journal in Italy

Luciano Bove (me) is born in Nocera Inferiore in 1963. At the age of 19 he moves to California and he starts his adventure to become a car designer.

All speeches and videos ended around 7 PM with some journalists taking notes and an audience of about 200 people (some foreigners, too).

Every single speech has been deep and full of meannings, every speaker full of interesting life stories experiences to tell, very international and in some cases also dramatic life stories like for example Giovanna Loccatelli's freelance journalist living in Cairo.

I would like to complete this Hub telling you a bit about the italian TEDxCrocetta Team . I'll start from Elisa Vola the President and manager of those events, Nicola Simion in charge of all speakers management Kristiana the beautiful lady introducing on stage the speakers and many many others I do not know the names...

So a big thanks to all of them for the professional organization, hospitality and capacity to make us feel stress-less and at home!

Luciano Bove

TEDxCrocetta Team with Elisa Vola
TEDxCrocetta Team with Elisa Vola | Source

© 2014 Luciano Bove

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Do you have a link for the video of your talk?


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Hi not yet , but when it will be available I'll post it here..

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