My Vizio Tablet Review

The Vizio Tablet with Wi-Fi is a new player in the tablet world. It caught my interest because the price was reasonable and I could get my Android apps, but it runs the older version 2.3 instead of the newest version. The LCD touch screen is actually equivalent to the iPad 1024x768 pretty crisp display. I noticed that some of the Apps I typically like do not work with this tablet very well.

What I like about this tablet is the weight at 1.2 lbs, Wi-Fi so it connects to my home network, it has a built in storage of 4G, I can push it up to 32G, it has three speakers so the sound is good, it has a front facing camera 30fps that I never use, but I guess it could come in handy if needed. The screen size is 8” so works for me. So I think it depends on what you are looking for in a tablet and how many features you actually use.

I found that sometimes I purchase a gadget with a million features and typically only use 2 or 3 on a continuous basis. I think this Vizio Tablet is a great starter tablet at a reasonable price for the features. The best price is at Costco for $284.99 with Free Shipping.

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