My experience with facebook!

Most of you are on facebook and each have their own experience about this social networking website by Mark Zuckerberg. Some have been for very long time and others joined recently. Some use it daily while others use is less frequently. No matter what facebook have become a way of life of most of the people and it's spreading.

I joined facebook in march of 2010. I was new and did not know much of the settings though the instructions given on the website are easy to follow and I did not have any trouble sending my first friend request. Soon I had many friends and it was fun reading their status updates. I would check my facebook account almost everyday and sometimes had deep conversations with some of the friends far away from me. Yes, facebook let's you communicate and know people who are from other countries and it's a great way to be in touch with a family member who is far away from you in an alien country.

As days went by I made really good friends and the most fun part was tagging in the photos of your friends. Also I was poked a bit and I poked in return. I also saw making and breaking of relationships online and how the moods of an individual reflected in his or her status updates. Their were fights among friends, unfriending and refriending, blocking and all and seen some get really emotional and sad when faced with these events. People were so engrossed in each other's lives they they forgot this was just a virtual world and things in real life are much different than what happens online.

I was never addicted to facebook. Though at first I used it extensively, as time went by I started using it less often and by 2011 came I was using it once every 2 or 3 days. I always valued thoughts which were original rather than ones which are copied. I created many pages and groups to spread the good stuff and till date they are doing fine and their number has increased a lot and still increasing.

Facebook is a great tool to spread your thoughts and views to the masses and in return get inspiration from the successful ones. It's a great platform to market yourself or your creations to the whole word if you have whole world in your friends list that is ;-). So all and all facebook is good if you can stay away from getting addicted and use it well.

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