NET10 Prepaid Phone Review - Pros, Cons and what existing customers say

Some of the better looking models in NET10 - Price $19.99-59.99
Some of the better looking models in NET10 - Price $19.99-59.99

NET10 Evaluation Criteria

Here are the criteria used for the evaluation process,

  1. Price / Value
  2. Features
  3. Coverage
  4. Existing Customer Feedback
  5. Customer Service
  6. Website and How they clearly state all of the information/Terms of Service

Based on the above six criteria, the prepaid service is given a star value. The higher the star value the better.

NET10 are also a prepaid service only company like MetroPCS. Their moto is no contract, no overage, no bills, no evil.

1. They have a neat website that lay out every thing easily.
2. No contract
3. Call rate 10 cents a minute ALWAYS (It’s a NET10 promise).
4. Text rate 5 cents per text (It’s a NET10 promise).
5. If you recharge before the end date you can carry over the minutes from old recharge to the new one until end date of new recharge.
6. You can enroll on a monthly basis starting from 15 dollars a month.
7. You can also buy airtime as you go. Starting from 20 dollars, that gives you 200 minutes valid for 30 days. The more you recharge the more days it remain active and you might get some bonus minutes too.
8. They also have a monthly plan of $79.98 / month unlimited calling and texting (But it is not available in all areas).
9. No roaming charge.
10. Most phones tell you how many minutes you have left, right on the main screen.
11. Coverage is good. It has better coverage even in areas where the major phone company’s coverage sucks. They have aggrement with every provider I US
12. Offers cheap international rate.

Every things sound too good to be true, doesn’t it? You are asking me what the catch is?
1. Well you have to buy a NET10 phone; you can use only a NET10 phone.
2. They only have 12 phones that lack many of the fancy features and look that you might find in other providers.
3. All of the Net10 phones come packaged with a SIM card. The phone and SIM card are locked to each other at the hardware level. Even if you put the Net10 SIM in another unlocked GSM phone, it will not work.
4. This means you will be spending $15-20 every month depending on what you opt for.
5. If the time runs out and the phone deactivates, you might have to buy a new number.
6. No fancy stuff email, internet browsing, 3G.
7. Not many options with Phones. You have 12 models and not many have camera or good color screens.
8. Customer Service is bad. Existing user are furious about the customer service and ask you to develop a lot of patience if you need any service at all.

Tip: You might find better deals online rather than from a retailer. But if you buy it from a retailer it is easier to return it, in case you do not like it.

What existing customer say about NET10

I like how NET10 has the best coverage, and it's cheap! I can prove this because my friends went to a coast to coast trip last year and we had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and our spare has no air and we had to call AAA and get it fixed, my friends have Cingular, T-Mobile, AT&T mobile, and the other 2 have Sprint, unfortunately they have dead batteries and the others can't even call 911, and I have a Cingular (no signal too.) so, I got my NET-10 phone hidden in my luggage, and guess what, it has a full signal strength and we finally where able to call for help. (WE THANKED NET10, or else some dude with a chainsaw might have chopped us!) – April 2008

I just tried to Net10. My phone wouldn't work and they refused to fix it told me to wait 24 hours. – September 2006

... to this day I still do not have voice mail. If I turn the phone off (or it goes dead), the caller receives a "the party at this number is not accepting calls" message. If it's on, it rings until the other party gives up – May 2008

… their customer service sucks but I have always managed to get my issues resolved eventually. A trick to the horrible english is to tell them their english is not understandable and I have gotten to speak to representatives that could speak english. Also you have to be stubborn and call a lot and don't forget to ask for free minutes if you ask you will get if not they won't offer. I have had to go without my phone for a couple days before but I feel that anyone who needs their phone like they need air should not be doing a prepaid thing you want a contract – August 2008

Customer service STINKS !!! – April 2009

I bought a Net10 phone with 300 minutes included. I've activated the phone but no minutes are on my account. I've email customer service 2 times over the past 2 days and have yet to receive any sort of reply. With this lack of service just starting out, it makes me concerned about the service I will receive later. I think I'm just going to take the phone back to the retailer and get my money back. – April 2009

3.0/5.0 stars for NET10
3.0/5.0 stars for NET10


The NET10 plans seems to be pretty straight forward. They are missing three stars only because of bad customer service. They seem to have a very bad reputation for customer service. They also have very few selection of models. All phone companies do not seem to be interested in providing any sort of good service, which is very disappointing.

Disclaimer: Rate, Plans and other terms might change. Author does not take responsibility for that. Always refer the NET10 website before you buy.


The author of this review does not hold shares of NET10 nor works for the company. This review has not been paid for by NET10. The information in this hub should serve only as a guidance and no liability is taken for decisions made upon reading this hub. The reader is advised to review the NET10 website for latest and complete details.

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Comments 59 comments

Peter 7 years ago

when you actually look at what Net10 is offering and trying to achieve they deserve a ten out of ten. Yes the phones are simple and with a small variation but they work for anyone who wants to talk for a fantastic rate of 10cents per minute and 5 cents per text. I recently spoke to customer service and my experience was pleasant and helpful. For the comment about the phone that did not turn on.. perhaps thats a manufacturing problem for the phone so I dont think that has much to do with Net10.

If you were on contract you would pay on a monthly basis, so what's wrong with buying an airtime window at a much cheaper rate with so many bonuses. Net10 certainly is the best prepaid provider for me.

ProductReviewer profile image

ProductReviewer 7 years ago from US of A Author

Peter, thank you for your comments. Personally I would agree NET10 is the best prepaid service that there is right now. They offer great coverage at best price. The general consensus seems like some people are very unhappy with the service and they honestly do not have any choice of phones.

Thank you for your comments again.

jack 7 years ago

Have had only a couple of reasons to call Net 10 and everything was resolved to my satisfaction right away. Phone service is as reliable in signal coverage as Verizon and can't beat the prices.

Cindy H 6 years ago

If you just want talk and text, Net10 is great! All calls are 10 cents/minute and all texts are 5 cents (send/receive). The $30 (300 min) card and free Nokia phone work fine if you don't need mp3/web/IM/etc.

Pricing is some of the lowest I've seen and you can buy recharge cards at multiple locations. Some places (like Family Dollar/Dollar General) even sell $15 (150 min) recharge cards.

I was happy with the cost and signal quality of Net 10; great if you just want talk and text (I've never tried any of their higher grade phones).

Great signal. Verizon-like network at a fraction of the price. Customer service is sub-par. That being said, it's worked for me and I will continue with them until it doesn't.

After switching to ATT Go Phone, I wish I would've stayed with Net 10 to save!!!

ProductReviewer profile image

ProductReviewer 6 years ago from US of A Author

Cindy, I have to agree with every thing you have to say. Thanks for adding to this discussion.

timmo 6 years ago

I started my business about a year ago and got net10 for my emplyees as i can give them minutes and they can get more when they need them, the phones are cheap reliable and robust. Perfect for any body looking for a good old deal!!!!

Kimberly 6 years ago

As a moderate cell phone user, I find Net10 is ideal for me. Paying $15 a month for 150 minutes is great and since I rarely use all the 150 min., they roll over. I end up with a lot more min :)

collegegirl83 6 years ago

I don't actually have Net10, but my mother and grandmother do and I hear the savings are huge. I'm stuck with my contact carrier for another year and I can't get out of it yet - however Net10 is looking like a great alternative. Their phone selection is affordable but limited, but they make up with it with a great monthly/pay as you go minute plans. My mom rarely uses her phone except for work and the occassional emergency so Net10 works prefectly for her. Despite it having the potential to save me more than $70 a month and being on the TMobile network, I will have to give the company some thought. If you are a moderate to low user, Net10 is totally your deal.

ProductReviewer profile image

ProductReviewer 6 years ago from US of A Author

Absolutely, collegegirl. If you are not into fancy "j"Phones & Bandroids its a great option.

ProductReviewer profile image

ProductReviewer 6 years ago from US of A Author

Thank you all for adding to the discussion. How is their coverage on the west coast?

RamsFan65 6 years ago

Being the father of three teenagers, I had to go prepaid with this struggling economy. Net10 ended up being a really great deal and it is saving me and my family tons. We pay just 10 cents per minute and it keeps me in touch with my kids for a great low price. I'm not much of a texter but my kids love it and its only 3 cents a text. I highly recommend this prepaid service to all who are trying to save smart and economically.

Rima Michaels 6 years ago

I have been considering switching to Net10 and after reading all the reviews, I have decided that I will make the switch. I like the "pay as you go" feature, and I really REALLY like the fact that I will be paying as low as $0.10/minute. Overall, I just like the fact that I can pay when I want, for the number of minutes I want...and $0.10/minute is unbeatable. I will make this purchase over the weekend, and once I use it, I will come back and let you know how happy I am with the service!

BundleBoy profile image

BundleBoy 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Neat! Should try it.

ProductReviewer profile image

ProductReviewer 6 years ago from US of A Author

RamsFan65, thank you for adding to the discussion. Your recommendation would help a lot of families save some money.

Rima, The best thing is you can stop using their service if you are not happy with them (no contract).

We would love to hear your perspective, please update us.

Minnie20 6 years ago

I went out and got Net10 a year ago during a family emergency when I went over minutes on my contract phone and was faced with paying 46 cents a minute for overage. I got to like my "emergency" phone, especially when I discovered Net10 works in areas where I didn't get reception with my contract phone. My contract is now up and I'm a full-time Net10 user and I'm saving a bundle. I had no idea how much I would save - about $30 a month. I have a simple LG phone with keys large enough for me to see (I'm a senior) and the phone displays how many minutes and how much time I have left so I don't forget to buy more minutes. I also get reminder e-mails from Net10 when I'm running low on minutes. The other thing I want to say is this phone holds its charge much longer than my previous contract phone did. Since it's a cheap phone, that was a big surprise. Guess what I'm really trying to say is I'm very happy with Net10.

Sinead Queiros 6 years ago

Stared out buying net10 for my daughter, yet i was using her phone more than she did. First the signal was beta then my phone, then it was just easier buying minutes then getting a large bill from my carrier and the phone was easier to use. My daughter started to lose it and forced me to buy my own net10 phone because she was sick of never having a phone as i was always using it. Gota say she is much happier now she has her own phone, and same goes for me. Net10 is just great.

Edwin Ross 6 years ago

I think you nailed it in your review above. They do have spotty customer service at times but their rates and their clarity in pricing set them apart from all other prepaid options. For people who hate being locked into contracts or getting charged for all the hidden ’service’ or activation fees, Net10 are the only answer. There are better unlimited plans out there but for mid-level users (like me) they are the best value, my experience with them has been all good so far. Thanks for an honest, helpful review.

Queixa 6 years ago

Got two phones about a month ago. Finally, as of today, one of the two seems to be working properly at the moment. The other one is still messed up. We have spent literally hours on the phone with "customer service" -- probably close to 15 hours at this point -- in one month. The problem with one phone is still not resolved. The representatives are uninformed, difficult to understand (heavy accents), sometimes do not seem to understand what we are saying, have to check with the supervisor repeatedly, will not transfer you to a supervisor if requested, cannot seem to solve the problems. I don't think I've ever encountered customer service as terrible as Net10. I do not have a strong enough vocabulary to express how frustrating and awful their customer service is. Reminds me of the old Douglas Adams computer game Bureaucracy. Only not as much fun.

Geisha 6 years ago

I bought a Net10 LG300 for my 12 year old nephew. Figure I'd be a great starter phone and it is. I can control his spending b/c it's prepaid. The plan/pricing is easy to understand/budget plus the screen shows remaining minutes. So far, so good!

Allison_G 6 years ago

Great article! Net10 is a fabulous service. The phones are low priced, but high quality. And just from switching from my old monthly contract to Net10 has saved me SO much. The best part is NO MORE MONTHLY CELL BILLS! Mine used to be so high. Anyways, I recommend this service to all - give it a shot, I guarantee you come out as a very pleased customer.

ProductReviewer profile image

ProductReviewer 6 years ago from US of A Author

Thank you all Minnie20,Sinead Queiros,Edwin,Queixa,Geisha & Allison for adding to the discussion. Reviews from real users helps others decide. Wonderful discussion going on in this thread.

Josh 6 years ago

Putting it simply:

10 cents per minute - Good

15 bucks for service - Great

300 minutes and 60 days free - Awesom

Service - Fantastic

JoeY 6 years ago

Good review and pretty accurate! I kind of disagree with the phones part though. They recently came out with a Samsung that's pretty good and has a full QWERTY keypad. I mean, they aren't Blackberries or Iphones, but they're not terrible phones either. For sure the phones are better than those from like MetroPCS and for the price, they really can't even be compared to the phones by the bigger companies, because they don't offer phones at low prices like the TracFone ones. Overall, good review. Keep up the good work!

camo Norman 6 years ago

Im a net10 user because its what it is, Simple. Its the one that people never take seriously because they too busy worrying about what people think. I spent most of my life with the newest phones and i ended up with nothing but a large contracts bill. I have now used net10 for a year and i cant tell you that there is no difference between a $100 phone bill or buying $30 minutes. Net10 phones are great, they not the world’s most advanced, but they work. The service is just as good as any other carrier. Only difference is you getting it at a reasonable price.

Esther 6 years ago

I have the Net10 LG300- a very basic phone but it works for me. I don't need for my phone to browse the web or downnload music. I especially like the fact that Net10's international rate is the same as the local rate so I don't have to worry about buying extra international calling cards.

Esther 6 years ago

Correction, Net10 int'l rate is 5c more than locat rate which still works for me - conveniece is key :)

DancingQueen 6 years ago

Net10 is a great service - I especially enjoy the incredible savings it brings me each month. The coast to coast coverage is pretty impressive too. I actually came across a really fun site with Net10 where you have the chance to be famous. Its and if you do the contest you can win $500... I hope I win!!!

Sasha 6 years ago

I have been with contracts all my life. And recently discovered how much money i could be saving by becoming a prepaid customer! So i did and its remarkable how much money i save every month with NET10, their coverage is great from coast to coast, but their customer service aint all that great, but every company has its flaws!They make up for it though with their low low rates! =)

Frugal Retiree 6 years ago

When my contract ended, I checked out every kind of prepaid plan and decided on Net10 because of Net10's 15 cents a minute international calling rate. My husband and I have family and friends abroad and although we keep in touch by e-mail, we like to call now and then. At 15 cents a minute, it's very affordable for me to call my sister in Australia and him to call his son in England. Since the World Cup started, my husband uses his Net10 phone to get soccer scores when he's not at home. He found the number in a Net10 video on Youtube.

Matt 6 years ago

I've always been happy with my Net10 phone and service and now I'm even happier with their new feature that allows me to get my World Cup scores directly from my phone. I have the number saved on my quick dial, it's 1-877-Net10-80. Go Spain!!!!

terry 6 years ago

For talking and texting NET10 is ideal at only 10cents per minute for talktime and 5cents for texting plus you get free roaming

Michael P. 6 years ago

I completely agree with the article. I would only recommend Net10 if you are not big on using the phone or just need it to make emergency calls or as a secondary phone. I only use the phone when I travel for work, so it comes in handy. It has great reception everywhere I go, and definitely outdoes my metro phone, which only seems to work in Miami. The phones aren't fancy, but, they do get the job done. I mean they aren't blackberries either, but it's not like the phone is a brick or anything. I am satisfied with the service and it really takes care of my needs.

Karol 6 years ago

In the con section it states that you can't email, well I have sent pictures from my phone to my computer.

ProductReviewer profile image

ProductReviewer 6 years ago from US of A Author

Hi Karol,

Thanks for the comment. Can you please elaborate?

Yasmy 6 years ago

I realize this was probably written some time ago, but with all the changes in prepaid, felt it only fair that if someone comes across this review by chance, as I did, they are aware of the latest facts.

No longer is Net10 only for those who don't call a lot. Their unlimited "everything" plan is now only $50, which makes it a very tempting deal even for the high end users. Their minutes are no longer set at 10c- if you buy a $25 card, you get 750 minutes, which works out to 3c/ minute...can't be beat. And then there's the $15 monthly plan which gives you 200 minutes, for those tougher months. A really incredible bonus, is that you can switch between these plans on a monthly basis at no extra cost, meaning that you can tailor your plan to suit your life and not the other way round. So as things stand now, Net10 really deserves a higher rating, as they offer the lowest rates, with fantastic coverage and even their phone choice is improving. I'll take the bad customer service in my stride for all the benefits I reap.

Dorothy 6 years ago

Well I must say that my husband and I are big fans of this service. We use the new $50 unlimited plan so we can talk, text, and email all we want for a really nice low price. With this economy, both of our businesses suffered so making the switch to Net10 has really been our savior. Its really just too great of a deal to pass up - I definitely agree with giving it a shot won't disappoint you!

ProductReviewer profile image

ProductReviewer 6 years ago from US of A Author

Need to rewrite this hub! Net10 have improved their offering. Stay tuned.

yannite 6 years ago

OH yeah the plans are sooo great on net10 for me. I guess people are scared of using prepaid phones but the trend is heading straight there. They know that the phones are like the exact same thing practically and the prices are CUT IN HALF. I cant really understand why people would get anything else besides these phones. I have chosen net10 because I have found that their services are the best and the signal is always strong.

sho 6 years ago

OK. I bought this net 10 phone like 2 month ago, and recently, I put 1500 min and 180 days because i almost ran out of the min. i still have 1450 min and 180 service days left, but I cant make or receive any calls or massages. when I make a phone call, a woman says call 911 if it's an emergency. I've been calling customers service, (which is the worst one I've ever experienced.) but they just try not solve the problem.

first, i called for 30 min because they kept putting me on hold. it ended up the IT department was closed because it was on saturday. next time they transferred me to like 10 departments and they just hang up. next time (after like 30 min) they asked my other phone # and told me to call me back in 24 hours which never happened. yesterday, after 20 min, they told me the IT department is closed because it was after 4pm.

They just hang up if the IT department is open, and tell me the IT department is closed if it's after 4pm or on the weekend. it takes like 30 min in order to get new informations.

Could somebody please help me??

Julia Jones 6 years ago

I think that Net10 is an awesome option for someone on a tight budget and really like that it is flexible - you can buy minutes as it suits your budget and needs in any particular month. The phones are pretty basic but do the job. Overall whilst maybe not the best option for me, i think it would suit so many people i know especially kids who can use pocket money to top up when necessary.

Sassy00 5 years ago

I agree with Julia Jones I think NET10 is affordable and diverse in its offerings, flexible enough to move from one plan to another and extremely reliable as it uses the AT&T and Verizon towers. I have been able to save monthly since I cancelled my contract and opted for NET10.

Jackee 5 years ago

Agree with all the positves and have to add that I've used net10 for several years and just switched to the unlimited plan. WOW! Super deal.

Also I had a question when I switched so I posted it on there Facebook page and got an immediate response which is awesome. Great way to help customers.

Marlies 5 years ago

I recently bought a Samsung T401G net10 phone with the $50 unlimited plan. I cannot get any signal within a mile of my house (and half the town for that matter)and where I do get signal , I have yet to have success with web service. My son's cheap Tracfone has better service than my new phone. I have had U.S Cellular for years and loved it , but it has become too expensive.

Drew Angleson 5 years ago

Net10 works for me because I love to text and their $50 unlimited plan lets me do so to my heart's desire. I also got a great texting phone from them, the Samsung T401G, it has a full QWERTY keypad as well as an mp3 player and video recorder. It just covers all the bases.

Deal Seeker 5 years ago

With NET10 I have control over what I will pay each month according to my usage and NET10 is diverse in its offerings and flexible enough for me to change monthly between plans.

Wizegal 5 years ago

The cool thing with NET10 is its flexibility? as you can change between the $50.00 unlimited option monthly and the $25.00 750 min call and texting according to your budget and usage.

Rayne 5 years ago

im going to be getting one of those phones soon. but, do you have to buy a monthly card?i want to get the unlimited plan, limited is so stupid. so, do you have to?

jonathan 5 years ago

hey everyone, been doing some research on no contract cellphones and i think im leaning towards getting a net10. Does anyone know if is true that their signal is carried on both at&t and verizon towers? cause if it is im sold haha

rachelgrey40 5 years ago

Yeah it's true jonathan, although you don't get to just switch between the two, they aren't compatible at all. But Net10 will pick the one that is best for the area in which you live and you'll be good to go.

jonnyjones73 5 years ago

Net10 has been great for me, I save about 60 dollars a month over what I used to pay which really adds up over time. My one complaint would be the phone selection, I'm not asking for an iPhone people but something different on CDMA than LG900G would be nice.

ActUP 5 years ago

If only you knew what I use to look like trying to make a call from home, my previous cell phone (non) provider said my house was a dead zone. I was locked into a contract where I would have to go stand in the streets to make a call. I eventually paid penalties for breaking the contract and discovered NET10, the sales person said they use AT&T and Verizon towers (I thought it was a sales ploy). I discovered that when I needed to make my calls or better yet receive them I had an amazing signal.

ActUP 5 years ago

If only you knew what I use to look like trying to make a call from home, my previous cell phone (non) provider said my house was a dead zone. I was locked into a contract where I would have to go stand in the streets to make a call. I eventually paid penalties for breaking the contract and discovered NET10, the sales person said they use AT&T and Verizon towers (I thought it was a sales ploy). I discovered that when I needed to make my calls or better yet receive them I had an amazing signal.

sdhagerman 5 years ago

I've used tracphone and net10. They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced for any product PERIOD! After 2 days, multiple attemps, and using over 300 cell phone minutes, I was unable to add air time to my phone. These people billed my credit card twice and I've still received NO air time (FRAUD!) Do yourself a favor and avoid these crooks.

i.perez 5 years ago

Net10 phones suck. They brake easily. They never have service. They really deserve a 0/10. For it to be "unlimited" they still give you a certain amount of minutes for the 30 days. On top of that its not a MONTHLY service its just a 30 day service. You can get a BETTER phone and BETTER service for the same price and for a full month.

Missy 4 years ago

My husband is trialing Net10. They set him up quicker than iwireless which is what I am trying. We are both trying to get out from under the Verizon monopoly and charges. For some odd reason that Net10 can't explain, his minutes were lost a couple days ago. He was on the phone for 40 min trying to resolve it this am and was given a run-around. Then - about 10 min after hanging up frustrated, his minutes were returned/restarted and he received a message stating "Welcome back." We'll see how long we stick around.

MahoodGhandi 4 years ago

Ne10 Phones suck and so does their support. They do not stand behind their product.

Pedro 3 years ago

I had a horrible experience with them, all i had was nothing but problems. the 3G never worked and i switched different phones to make sure it wasn't my phone. also when i tried changing companies they wouldn't port my number it took them almost a week to allow it when its supposed to only take a couple of days. and also I never had automatic pay and even after i cancelled the account they still charged me 2 months in a row. i had to cancel my debit card because they wouldn't stop and i called and they kept saying they couldn't do anything about it. SO be very careful if your thinking about chosing Net 10, they are horrible. instead do research into different phone companies before making the worst decision of your life choosing NET10!!! Don't Do It......

ricky from Texas 3 years ago

I've had Net1o for over three years now. I pay about $150 a year to have my cell phone. I'm able to buy 1000 minutes for about $100 (online special) each year, and that is about all the minutes I need. I'm not tied to my phone. I use my phone to make occasional calls, emergencies, and to stay in contact with people from time to time. I send/receive about ten texts a week. Net10 is right for me. No more wasting money on a cell phone plan.

Ruben from Texas 2 years ago

Net 10 phone ZTE sucks. There customer service rep suck aswell. Stay as far away from this wireless co. They lie, hang up on you , can't ever get a corprate # from them . they are a nightmare. They make you feel like pulling your hair out.

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