New Technologies in Granite Countertop Production and Installation

Stone countertops are becoming one of the most popular types of countertops available on the market. Many homeowners choose a stone countertop for their home because of the many advantages it brings to the home itself. The durability, variety, and beauty all play a significant part in homeowners choosing to have stone countertops installed in their home. Because these types of countertops are so popular there is a substantial amount of progress in the new technologies used for their production and installation.

Such technologies include advanced sealers to protect the stone from damage, light solutions for onyx countertops to add more brilliance, and cutting machines that are used to make accurately sized holes for sinks. These new technologies allow for more accurate installation and more beautiful countertops for your enjoyment.

The Process of Production

The process of production is a fairly simple thing though there is a substantial amount of work that is required. Production starts with raw crystals of natural stone, the size of which can range from the size of a small grain to the size of rock salt. These stones are then ground up, mixed, and blended with what are called bonding agents and color. Many countertops have about five to ten percent of resin in their bonding agents. From here, the mixture is heated and then undergoes what is called vibrocompaction where it is formed into a solid and impenetrable countertop surface. These processes are often a controlled procedure and the significant advancements in stone countertop production have to do with making these processes as controlled as possible. This makes everything safer for the workers but it also provides a high quality product for the customer.

New Technologies in the Installation Process

There are also new technologies in the installation process of stone countertops. Such technologies include the development of more accurate measurement tools and high quality saws and other cutting materials. There is a significant amount of effort put into developing caulking materials that not only keep the countertop in place but they also look good and last longer. Companies work to develop quality saws so that when the sink hole is cut it will be done so accurately and without damage to the stone. This allows for a variety of sinks to be installed with the countertop and not just the typical sink designs one would normally see.

New technologies for stone countertop production and installation are being rapidly developed because there is a significant amount of need for them. These new technologies not only allow for the rapid production and installation of your countertop but they allow for the production of a higher quality product. These technologies are designed to keep the stone from damage or other imperfections, which means that they will look that much better once installed.

For stone countertop production and installation new technologies are developed and each year there are more and more developments that allow for higher quality products. When you search for one of the popular stone countertops, you should see which technologies the company is using in order to make sure that you are getting the highest quality product and installation services available.

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Wxcn 3 years ago

average total bathroom retnianvoos can be up to 20 grand with labor. I don t know what your bathroom is like now. Whatever you think it's going to cost, have 2-4 grand extra, because remodeling always costs more than the estimate.The lights- $ 300 for decent lightsmirror-$ 150-300granite vanity- up to $ 1000tub- probably between $ 700 and $ 1500 for a mid level one.So the labor will be at the very least 2 grand. I remodeled a bathroom a few years ago. It was cheaper to get the easier stuff (like painting, electricity, installing the sink) done by friends with knowledge. I saved $ 500 by tiling and grouting myself. Also, check outdated tubs, mirrors, lights and tops first. I was able to get an outdated tub for 1/4 of the price, only because it was last years model. I got floor tiles for 80% off because they were 2 years old. so when you call places, ask for a list of their outdated stuff, there's nothing wrong with it, it's never been used, it's just a year or two old. It's taking up space in their warehouse, and they just want it gone.

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nuworld 12 months ago

check this backlighting for stone countertops

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