New Ways To Use Ringback Tones

ringback tones for cellphones

find a cute "meow" ringback tone for your hello kitty cellphone theme.
find a cute "meow" ringback tone for your hello kitty cellphone theme.

How To Find Cool Ringbacks

If you are a ringback tone fanatic, then you probably are already an expert in downloading and customizing your ringback library for all your incoming callers to hear. This hub is for all those cellphone users who have just started using ringback tones and are looking for some extra ways to customize your callers audio experience.

First, lets do a review of ringback tones. I'm sure you've probably already heard of ringtones. The easiest way to explain a ringback tone is to compare it to a ringtone. The ringtone is what you hear when someone calls you. It's the ring or beep or song that plays when your phone is ringing. It will play on the external speaker of your cellphone, and you and everyone around you will be able to hear it. Well, unless you have your phone set to vibrate, in which case the ringtone is not applicable, and I haven't heard yet of a morse code vibrate ringtone system being invented. In any event, the ringtone which has been around forever is highly customizable - you can download songs, record and mix your own, upload ringtones, use some of your mp3 collection as ringtones, etc. It is pretty flexible as to the customizability of ringtones.

Ringback tones, on the other hand, is the audio that is heard on the earpiece of the person calling you. If you set up a ringback tone on your cellphone, then any time someone calls you, for the time that the phone is ringing and you or your voice mail don't pick up, then the caller will be hearing the ringback tone that you have set up. And unless they have their phone set to speaker phone, they will be the only ones to hear the ringback tone.

Ok, now that I'm sure that you know what I am talking about, lets look at some fun new ways to add personality to your mobile phone by using ringbacks in a slightly different way than the norm.

Audio Clip Ringback Tones

One of the best ways I know to customize my ringback tones as compared to everyone else out there is to just an an audio clip. Instead of using a pop tune or the latest rap song, I look for audio clips such as great historic speeches like "I Have A Dream", or old and current comedy sketches. I never get tired of hearing "Who's On First". That is sure to put a smile on some of your relatives faces, and for those that have never heard it before, educating them on the classics is just a good community service.

Classic Ringback Tones

The next style of <a href="">ringback tones</a> that I like for my mobile are the classic music hits. I'm not talking about the "Rolling Stones" or "Beatles". The classics I'm talking about are Patsy Cline, Billy Holiday, Miles Davis, and great tunes from way before the Walkman era. If you could play it on a wind up phonograph, I consider it a classic.

Celebrity Ringback Tones

The last type of ringback that I like to download is another voice clip variation, and that is celebrity voice recordings. There are a bunch of different popular audio clips available for downloading to your cellphone. How would you like to have Brad Pitt answer your phone for you? If it's not available now then it may be in the future if there is enough demand for it.

So these are my favorite ways that i add to my ringback tones. You might have already tried these ideas for ringback tone downloads, if not then give it a try. It will definitely be a nice change from the repetitive pop songs that everyone else has.

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