New eHarmony Commercial for Ivan the iPhone and Me

My beloved Ivan
My beloved Ivan
Ah, mi amore!
Ah, mi amore!

One of these days, you are going to see an eHarmony commercial featuring me and my iPhone (Ivan). With Ivan, it was love at first sight. I can rely on him to be there for me, guiding me, helping me stay connected with those I love. I never knew how wonderful life could be until he came along.

Seriously, I love this Phone!

I really do feel that passionately about my iPhone. Before the iPhone, I had the same old Nextel phone for five years. A green 2” screen with black text, poor connections and few functions. That phone cost me $80 per month and did little else than give me a safety net for emergencies. However, I refused to spend hundreds of dollars on another phone. Heck, I refused to spend even $40 on a new phone. So when AT&T started subsidizing the purchase as part of the 3G launch, I jumped at the chance and bought the iPhone for $299, saving me about 40% of the usual price.

Cheaper Plan

The iPhone costs me about $70 per month with all fees included. That is for unlimited data and ample phone usage. It will pay for itself in 30 months. The only downside to the cost is that you pay per text you receive and you cannot refuse a text. Since I do not text people, it is rarely a problem. If I wanted to text, I would only pay another $5 for 200 texts.

The Phone Pays for Itself

On top of saving $10 a month over my old plan, I get a free GPS device, and most of the functionality of a Pocket PC. I can email, bank, compare products while shopping, update Facebook and do just about anything I can do on my PC. It is also an iPod and a portable gaming device. It has a digital voice recorder, a radio, a calculator. And with the App Store, where you can get many applications free, it is anything I want it to be. The iPhone is the most flexible, well-designed device I have ever used.

What it Would Cost

I love to think about all the money I saved by getting an iPhone. Below is a list of the applications in the iPhone if you bought them separately:

Garmin, $200 - $500
Internet Phone with digital camera, $400
iPod, $100
Radio, $15
Digital Voice Recorder, $30
Portable Gaming System, $200

Total value, $945 - $1,145

When I look at it this way, I feel like I made money buying an iPhone! Just managing all those devices would be a pain, but the iPhone keeps them all together in one smooth running device.

Great Design

On top of all this, the iPhone is just plain pretty. It has a sleek, slim case, attractive design and fits perfectly in my back pocket. It is strong and well made. I have been using it for many months with ZERO problems. I cannot remember the last time any product has performed this well for me. The only regret I have about the iPhone is that I could not afford to buy one sooner.

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